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Before you jump into the story, I figured it'd be best if I explained some things before you read.

You are a senior in high school in the prologue.
Frisk is a brand new freshman in high school.
You and Frisk are sisters in this story.
Frisk is 14, about to be 15 this year.
You are 17, going on 18.
Frisk is mute.

To make this clear since Frisk is mute, This is how I'll show what she's saying:

"*Okay, (y/n). You win.*" signed Frisk.

Once the prologue is over, you'll start reading the actual story.
As I'm writing this, I'm just going to say that there are mentions of lgbtq, (SPOILER) because there is going to be a lesbian couple in this story.

There probably will be cussing and a little bit of NSFW in this book, so if you don't like that, don't read, or if you do want to read, there may be a little summary at the bottom of the chapter to keep you up to date on what happened without it triggering you in any way.

This book will mostly be written in third person with still POV's from you, and maybe even Frisk and Sans.

This book will be mostly about the relationship of you and Sans, and a bonus couple owo.

And I completely have no idea where this story is gonna go or if I'll continue it or not, but if I do I'd like some ideas on what I should do! uwu



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