Chapter 20

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Jasmine's POV

I woke up feeling warm and fuzzy. I snuggled more into the warmth. Suddenly it moved and I heard a chuckle.

Freaking out, I opened my eyes and tried to move back. My eyes met beautiful green ones and I kind of got lost in them. Chris let out a chuckle and I looked away, embarrassed of getting caught.

"Good morning Princess." Chris greeted me in a husky and sexy morning voice.

"Good morning." I mumbled, careful of my terrible morning breath.

"I hope you had a nice sleep."

I pulled away and sat on the bed, creating a bit of distance between us. I thought I saw him frown a bit but it was gone. I must be imagining.

"I slept well. Thank you so much for being here." I said and smiled. I was really very grateful of him. He stayed the whole night.

"It's my pleasure." He grinned.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 6. I got off the bed and wrapped the blanket around me.

"So...." I drawled, not really knowing what to say.

Chris sat on the bed and leaned back on the headrest, with his arms around the back of his head. The muscles of his biceps flexed around his grey tshirt and I looked away shyly.

"So....?" Chris asked in amusement.

"Aren't you going to go back to your house?" I asked.

"Hmmm......maybe?" He winked at me and then laughed at my blushing face.

"I'm teasing you sweetheart. Hey, what about you take a shower and get ready, and I'll take you out for breakfast?" He asked.

My heart was beating a mile per second. Even before I could stop myself the words slipped out of my mouth.

"Like a date?"

Chris's eyes widened and I mentally face palmed myself.

Why the hell did I have to ruin this?

"Umm sorry. Forget I said anything." I said and was about to turn back when Chris jumped from the bed and stood in front of me. He took my hand and pulled me closer. I looked down, embarrassed to look into his eyes. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my face up.

"Like a date." He said and smiled. My eyes widened and he chuckled. He laid a kiss on my forehead and turned towards the window.

"Get ready Princess. I'll come to get you in an hour." He said and then turned and winked at me. "For our first date."

Chris left through the window, leaving me gaping at his back. I quickly gathered myself. A smile broke on my face and I jumped up and down in my room.

I'm going on a date with Chris! Yay!

I rushed to the bathroom and took a shower. Coming out, I contemplated what to wear. I looked through my closet but couldn't find anything suitable.

What's suitable for a breakfast date?

I took a look at the clock and realised I only had 15 minutes left before Chris comes to pick me up. I started scrounging through my closet and finally settled on a halter neck baby pink dress that came to my knees. I paired it with a pair of flip flops. Brushing my hair back and tying it into a ponytail, I put a minimal amount of makeup. I finished at dot 7 and the bell to the front door rang.

I took a last look at myself on the mirror and taking my purse, went downstairs. Chris was talking and laughing about something with my father. He wore a pair of faded jeans and black tshirt and looked hot.

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