goodnight eds

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it was a cold october night as eddie kaspbrak ran down the steps of his small home, trying to get away from his mother as soon as possible. the mother and son had arguments every day and they had just had a pretty bad one. the cold temperatures dried the tears that were running down eddie's face. he didn't really know where he was going, but he decided to go to the quarry to just calm down and get away from the real world. he sat on the edge of the cliff and dangled his legs over the edge. for about twenty minutes the small boy sat there watching the twinkling stars in the night sky.

"eds?" said a familiar voice from behind.

eddie flinched and stood, turning around to see his best friend. "richie don't scare me like that!" he whined and playfully punched the taller boy in the chest. "whoops, sorry. what are you doing here so late?" richie asked. "my mommy and I got into an a-argument and.. I just needed to get away," eddie explained, "what are you doing here?" richie sighed and said, "I got jumped by henry and the other idiots and I come here when I'm upset." eddie's eyes scanned richie and saw several cuts and bruises. he said, "well that explains the bruises and cuts..."

the two stood there awkwardly for a minute until richie spoke, "let's sit down. my body aches pretty bad..." eddie agreed and they sat down on the rocks of the quarry. richie glanced over at his best friend and blushed, smiling slightly as the brunette shivered as he stared ahead. "why don't you have a jacket or something? it's like two degrees out here eds," says richie. eddie looked back at the boy and they made eye contact. "I was in a rush to get away so I wasn't really thinking about it," he said. "well, here," richie said and took his coat off. he put it around his friend and said, "there ya go eddie spaghetti! nice n warm!" eddie rolled his eyes and asked, "well what about you? arent you cold?" richie smiled. "I'll be fine eds." he wrapped his arm around eddie and looked down, trying not to smile.

eddie's face turned red and he laid his head on richie's shoulder, closing his eyes and feeling safe. richie never stopped smiling and put his head on eddie's, his cheek pressing against eddie's hair. the tall, blue-eyed boy took the risk and his hand that wasn't around eddie's small frame slowly grasped onto eddie's.

the boys' fingers tangled together and their sides pressed up against each other, they sat there, feeling safe and warm. after awhile, richie heard soft snores and looked down, looking at every little detail of eddie's face. he blushed and grinned to himself, carefully picking up the boy and carrying him to his home. richie quietly walked past a sleeping sonia kaspbrak, making his way to eddie's bedroom. he placed the small boy on the bed and placed the covers over him. he watched the boy for a minute, making sure he was asleep. richie reached down and kissed eddie on the forehead, one of his hands on eddie's cheek. he softly whispered "goodnight, eds." richie smiled and started to walk away. his eyes widened when he heard eddie say quietly, "goodnight, rich." richie turned around, the boys exchanging smiles.

richie walked home, feeling his heart throb while he thought about what happened. both richie and eddie fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

this is probably worse than my other one but ok 💕

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