19 • Leblanc

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7/20 Evening

We went to Leblanc after school because Akira had gotten some texts from an unknown person, someone named Alibaba, about Medjed and the Phantom Thieves.

When we walked in Sojiro was leaning against the bar, staring at something in his hand thoughtfully. When he noticed us there he put it away.

"Oh? What's with the big group?" He asks.

"Good evening," Ann greets. "We were thinking about putting together plans for our summer"

"Hm? Is that a new face I see?"

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Makoto Nijima, I hope we're not being a bother," she says.

"She's our student council president," Ryuji says.

"Nijima?" Sojiro repeats.

"Is something wrong?" Makoto asks.

"Nah, it's nothing. A student council president, eh? I'm stunned. I hope he's not causing you too much trouble. I'm Sojiro Sakura, but everyone just calls me Boss. By the way, that was addressed to you," Sojiro looks at a letter on the counter. "This old man'll get going and leave you kids be. All right, the store's all yours"

He left and we all sat down at a booth, some snacks on the table in front of us. As we were talking there was a report about Medjed on the news.

"We have late breaking news on Medjed, whose notoriety rose since their statement the other day. Just moments ago, a new message has been released on their website. They have announced their victory over the Phantom Thieves. Medjed also warns any Japanese citizens who praised the Phantom Thieves to stop doing so. We will report any further actions by Medjed as they arrive"

"Oh, come on! It's in English!" Ryuji complains as he checked the Medjed website.

"Let me see..." Ann said, reading it from her phone. "'The Phantom Thieves remain silent at our question. This proves that we are just. People of Japan, wake up. You must not worship the Phantom Thieves'"

"What? That's bullshit!"

"Keep listening," Yusuke says.

"'We will discipline any who worship them. The punishment is the confiscation of possessions. We are Medjed. We are unseen. We will eliminate evil'" Ann finishes. "That's what it says"

"What does that all mean?!" Ryuji asks.

"They're saying that they'll target sympathizers of the Phantom Thieves," Makoto says.

"Confiscation of possessions, hm?" Yusuke repeats.

"Perhaps bank accounts or personal information... either way, it won't be anything pleasant"

"Why the hell are we being singled out?" Ryuji asks.

"Perhaps all they care about is labeling the Phantom Thieves as crooks. That all this wouldn't have happened had the Phantom Thieves not existed"

"That's complete bullshit"

"Talk about a troublesome organization that we're targeted by..." Morgana says.

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Ann asks.

"It's certain we can't do anything about this on our own..." Yusuke says.

"Hey, so what's this letter about?" Ryuji asks Akira. "We don't need any more trouble"

"It's rare for you to get something like this," Morgana says.

Akira opened it and put what was inside on the table. It was a calling card.

"There's no stamp on it. Someone must've directly dropped it into the mailbox here..." Makoto points out.

"Could it have been Alibaba?" Yusuke asks.

"That reminds me, he did mention something about preparing the 'necessary tool'. Don't tell me... is this what he was talking about!?"

"What the hell's goin' on here?" Ryuji asks.

"All we can do at the moment is wait for Alibaba's orders," Makoto says. "Let's brace ourselves and stand by... in case anything comes up"

"Oh dear," Ann sighs.

7/21 After School

Akira had gotten another message from Alibaba so we met up at the hideout after school, Akira showing us the messages.

"We're gonna get reported if we don't do this?" Ryuji asks. "What the hell..."

"Futaba Sakura?" Ann reads.

"Wasn't Sakura..." Makoto drifted off.

"It's Boss' last name!"

"Does he have any family?" Yusuke asks.

"Does he?" Morgana asks.

Akira couldn't answer because he didn't know.

"For reals!? How laid back are you!?" Ryuji asks him. "Wouldn't you normally be introduced at least? I mean you are living at his place"

"Well, his situation does make things difficult," Yusuke says.

"The calling card was delivered to Boss' house. It'd be more natural to assume this is all related. One of the reasons for that is because Alibaba mentioned nothing about which Futaba Sakura. Perhaps he thinks that the name alone is enough," Makoto explains.

"That makes sense," Morgana says.

"I believe it's adequate for us to think that this is the doing of someone close by"

"I see," Ann says.

"I don't know how Alibaba got a hold of Akira's smartphone information. However, since he's ordering us through chat, I do feel as though he's taunting us"

"You mean, this might just be a prank?" Ryuji asks.

"I mean, look at his demands. Pay me if you don't want me to leak who you really are, that I'd understand. But he's telling us to steal someone's heart without explaining why"

"So we're being tested," Yusuke says.

"Regardless, I think we should ask Boss about Futaba Sakura once"

"That's probably for the best," Morgana says. "There's nothing else we can do at the moment, and Boss might have an idea on what this is about too"

"I'll check the school's roster just in case"

"We must make sure Boss doesn't figure out who we are. We'll have to go about this cautiously," Yusuke says.

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