Chapter Nine: Tiptoeing the line.

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November 10, 1993:
Looking up from the stack of reports at the door he sees that one of his more interesting students stood just outside.

"Come in!" He warmly invites.

Hmmm how interesting, never thought he'd step foot in here, and Albus really did believe that.

Albus watched as Orion Lestrange came in with a drawstring bag clutched in one hand and the other his wand. Waving a hand towards a seat he watches Orion carefully sit down and bring the bag to his chest.

Taking his time he ignores the wand trained on him, and looks at the bag. From where he was sitting he could see slight coloration towards the top. It was stitched into but Albus couldn't make it out, moments like this remind him of his age.

Looking at his rather pale student he begins to ask, "How may I-"

"Answer my questions without doing anything rash, professor. That's what." Orion rushes out.

Sounds nervous, Albus quirks an eyebrow and then nods.

"Good," came Orion's voice, "now your wand."

Now he raises both eyebrows but to the silent shock of the portraits he does as asked.

"Good, good." Orion's control over his nerves is slipping.

He watches as the young man that's in love with Harry take a deep breath and exhale. He watches silently. Orion stands, with one hand, and opens the bag he was clutching. Dumping the contents onto the desk he watches the headmaster lose control over his own mask. Many emotions cross the old man's face before he focuses on his student.

"How?" He barely whispers.

There before him sat the foulest magic to ever exist. The soul container's of Voldemort.

"Professor are you listening?" His students voice breaks through.

"I'm sorry, please explain." Before he thought he felt his age but now he not only felt but looked it.

Harry felt a weird shiver run through his body while he sat with Luna underneath the whomping Willow beside the knot. The two of them were watching the headmaster's office enjoying the coming and goings.

A few days ago Orion and him had jumped from flirt to let's release some of this ridiculous sexual tension. Even though the writer's bad at writing to convey the build up of such things. Which in a way it did help the tension between the two if you think one avoiding the other is helpful.

"Harry?" He looked to Luna in answer and watched her point to the headmaster's office.

Grabbing the offered omnioculars he watches as Orion approach Albus while clutching a bag and pointing his wand at him.

He continues to watch holding his breath as the one of the men he's come to respect hand over his wand. His heart was now hammering against his lungs. It was now hard to breath he felt a lump form in his throat. He vaguely hears Draco, Daphne, and Blaise approach.

He was focused on the sudden paling of Albus. For the first time he actually fears the parentage of Orion. Lowering the omnioculars after Orion finally leaves he looks with wide fearful eyes and barely registers how far the sun moved.

As both Orion and Albus finish, he leaves finally able to relax. Ever since he stepped into the room, the hairs on his neck rose and he felt discomfort under so many eyes. He took a big gamble by seeking the headmaster's help and he was right to.

Now he could focus on the less dangerous things in life. Like Harry, sweet tasting Harry. Stopping by a window he looks out and spots the devil that caught his heart.

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