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There was Zak, on his bed, screaming at the top of his lungs, ponting at one of his shirts on the ground.
Zak continued screaming and didn't stop until Darryl asked "What's going on?!".
"SPIDERRRR!" Zak squealed.
"Oh my goodness- you're freaking out over a spider?!" Darryl said.
"T-time to burn the h-house down!" Zak stuttered.
"C-caaaalm down, let me get a cup and get it out." Darryl said to Zak, trying not to laugh.
Darryl went to the kitchen, he heard Zak trying to 'use commands' on the spider.
He took a cup and then went back to Zak's room, he put the cup on the spider waiting for a bit so it could get on the sides of the cup. He then took it outside and put the cup back into the kitchen.
Zak was scaredly looking around for other spiders that may be hiding.
When Darryl came back, Zak jumped off of his bed and hugged Darryl.
"ThankYouVeryMuchYouBaldMan" Zak quickly said.

"It was not a problem." he replied. "Ahem, can you stop hugging me now?" Darryl asked.
"How about no?" He replied with.
Darryl looked at him with a confused/annoyed look. "Why?" He asked.
"You're really comfortable." Zak said, very confidently, clearly no regrets.

" Zak said, very confidently, clearly no regrets

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[Zak looks freaking adorable]

Darryl chuckled and looked down at Zak "and I'm the one hitting on you when you're the one doing it?".
"Be quiet bald man." Zak said, still hugging him.
"Whatever you say muffin."
Zak was almost falling asleep because he was tired from all the screaming he did.
"Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't fall sleep on me!" Darryl tried getting Zak off of him, but failed.
Zak just closed his eyes pretending that he fell asleep, Darryl was just looking down at him. "Oh my goodness- Zak... Wake up"
He didn't move an inch, so Darryl tried picking him up, then he walked to Zak's bed and put him down.
He went to the door but he heard something behind him. Then Zak said something quietly again. "Don't leave baldieee.." he said.
"Fineeee.. will you let me leave afterwards?" Darryl asked him, hoping he'd say yes.
Zak mumbled a "Maybe".
Darryl walked over to Zak's bed and sat down next to it.
Zak covered himself with his blanket and fell asleep.

*[Time skip]*

Darryl tried shaking him, poking him and everything, nothing worked.
"Hey Zak, wake up."... Nothing. "There's a spider in your bed." Zak just rolled out of his bed, he didn't hit his head, his head fell on Darryl's lap, no damage.
"WHERE'S THE SPIDER?!" Zak screeched out.
Darryl chuckled and looked down at Zak. "There was never any spiders ,oh scaredy-muffin" .
Zak got angry, and he looked like an agressive kitten.
"Okay, okay, sorry." Darryl apologized.

That's basically all for this chapter, sorry that most of the chapters I made for the past few days that they're very short but I'm trying to do as much as I can!

I really hope you enjoyed this very short chapter.


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