I waved her away and walked to my bay windows.I unhooked the lever and opened it wide.I breathed in the fresh Scottish air,letting the sweet,clean air cleanse my lungs.I stared dazedly for a while until I heard the horse hooves.The sounds drummed rhythmically in my ear as if signaling a change.It was if someone took over me,I felt powerful and direct.A hungry beast lingering in the shadows watching her prey.I rushed over to my closet and searched for a dress.Finally,my eyes glazed over my ninetieth birthday present.It was a dress but,not just any dress.It was covered in velvet and lace.It had trumpet sleeves and a big skirt.I tousled my flowing curls and called the maids to put it in a half up-half down hair style.I walked to the window and picked a cheery from the tree growing near my window.I bit into slowly while allowing the red juice to coat my pale lips.I rubbed the together slowly and smiled lustfully at my beautiful reflection.I walked from chambers and sauntered cooly down the staircase.

Lord Hingston gasped when he first laid eyes-so did everyone else for that matter.I was happy to be seen,this side of me was filled with envy and lust.Inside the old me was trapped in a cage being consumed by the permeating beast.I finally reached the bottom of the stairs and smiled coyly.

"Hello Lord Hingston,I am Scarlett Isobel McCarra.Pleased to meet your acquaints." He reached for my hand and kissed it softly.I flushed a soft pink and smiled up at him.

"I am pleased to meet your acquaints as well.Here are two other people you should meet.This is my son James the Second, He said motioning to the tall lanky blond.

"And this is my other son Richard." He appraised.The muscular dark haired brother stepped forward.

"It'svery nice meet you two as well.I'm Scarlett." I reached out for there hands and they practically fell to my knees.I giggled lightly and smiled at everyone in the room.I walked slowly into the dining room feeling jealous stares probing my back.I ignored the sensation artfully and continued to walk.We sat down to a 5-course meal filled with a fresh salad as an appetizer,french onion soup,pelted duck as the entree,flasks of the best Brandy we own,and marzipan cake for dessert.I sat gracefully in my seat and waited to be served.

We ate quietly trying not to focus on one another's presence.I noticed though that all the men were staring at me.Each of them taking little sneak peaks at me out of the corner of their eyes.I sipped my brandy slowly my mind spinning dizzily.Something was going on,something incredible.Ever since the light there were slight changes inside of me that I barely noticed.Like every time I'm around people in a crowd my confidence just boosts up.Or,whenever I'm sad my eyes automatically turn blue.I've never noticed these quirks about myself.I was so deep in my reverie that I didn't notice Lord Hingston rise from his chair until he started tapping his fork on his flask.

"I would like to make a toast to my new family and wife." We all clinked our glasses and whispered cheers.After the meal we bathed and retired into a deep slumber.

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