Beginning And Chapter One

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Hey ya'll, Faith and Graham here. We're writing this story together, taking turns for chapters. I hope ya'll like it! =) So, here is the beginning of the story:

Information for Daniela Silverstone:

Daniela Silverstone, your typical 16 year old geek, is living a hard life. Her boyfriend doesn't care about her, her sister is going crazy, her parents are fighting, and most of all, her life is just crashing down. All of this changes when she goes to a new school and meets someone that is very important in her life from ever on. But this special someone's friends are big time bullies. Will she be able to handle the pain they cause her? Will she ever be a normal geeky teenager living a tough life?

Daniela’s Perspective [I will be doing Daniela's parts. Faith will be doing Levent's.] :

Chapter One:

All people have their own special word for themselves, like 'Goth', 'emo', 'teacher's pet', or 'jock', but I, and others, would label me 'the school geek'. Yes, I am very intelligent and make straight A’s. Never once in my life have I gotten a B, nor an A-. I just love school, unlike most people. I also love my small family, but why on earth would we have to move again when we just got settled in? Oh, that’s right. Dad got a new offer for a new job in Los Angeles, California.

So, here we are, sitting inside our orange 2010 Camaro with a UHAUL truck behind us. The trip down to California, as Dad put it, took about 9 hours if we didn’t stop. Now, who in their right mind would not stop during a 9 hour car ride? Apparently Dad would, but Mom, my sister, and I convinced him to stop every hour and a half for bathroom breaks and snacks. I knew he didn’t like it, but hey, three females in a car, there have got to be stops.

“We’re almost there,” My father said, bringing me back into the present, stopping my random thoughts.

“Woo hoo,” I faked the enthusiasm that traveled within my voice.

“Be nice, Dani,” My sister, Cassey, scolded me. I scowled at her, making her roll her eyes.

Cassey was older than me by 2 years, making her 18, and about to head off for college. She had once said that she was most likely going to the college in Virginia, but since we moved, she’s thinking somewhere in California. I had mentioned that Nevada had good college systems, but with her stubborn mind, she just shooed me off and started texting her boyfriend.

“When does school start?” I was happy this topic came up from my Mom. I knew she was trying to change the subject, and it worked for me.

“I think sometime next week. Maybe the 18th or 19th.” I stated, my voice filling with excitement.

“Well, that’s good,” Mom replied with her usual ‘why does she care so much about school’ smile. I was use to it by now. I had always loved school, even when I was younger. With reminds me, I’ll be going into the 11th grade with me only being 16. I had skipped a couple grades because ‘I was too smart’. I didn’t complain, it just helped me out more by learning more complex things earlier in life.

I was lost in my train of thought again, staring out of the window, and thought of how the school would be. I hoped it would be big, and filled with nice people, unlike my old school, which I got bullied in the whole time I was there.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at our new home. Everyone practically jumped out of the car to go look at the new, two story house, were as I stayed inside the car and just stared in wonder at this place I would call home from now on.

I saw my Dad come back out of the front door, which seemed to be made from pure Oakwood. The door seemed old-timey. It made the house even more beautiful in my opinion.

“Honey, aren’t you coming?” He tapped on my window.

With a sigh, and a nod, I unlocked my door and stepped out on the concrete driveway. I slowly made my way to the entrance. I gazed at the whole house and took in its beauty. It had a grand stair case that twisted to the upstairs. The living room was huge and had a dull red-ish tint to the wall color. The furniture was black; it had two sofas and one love seat. With pictures and art paintings hanging from the wall, it somehow tied the room together.

I then walked into the kitchen, and gaze in awe at how roomy and homey the kitchen looked. It had a checker title floor, with an L shaped island in the middle. The counters were black granite and were amazingly beautiful.

I proceeded to go up the hardwood floor staircase and search out my room. There were four doors on the upstairs. Since Mom and Dad were sleeping downstairs in the master bedroom, the whole upstairs was for Cassey and me. We each got two rooms. She had already picked the two closet doors to the stairs. I automatically got the last two doors, but was kind of happy I was able to call them mine. I would have one for a bedroom, and one completely for studying and for all my school things.

I turned the golden door knob that would reveal my school room. It clicked open as the door swung back, to reveal a huge room that had more than enough space for all my school things.

The room was painted a dull grey. The light that shown from through the two, storm proof windows made the room brighter than it seemed. As I walked through, a mental picture began unfolding itself within my mind on how my school room would turn out to look like when it had all the furniture in it. The thing that made me happy the most was a little space that was not noticeable if you just stepped into the room itself. A smile appeared on my pale face when I figured out what I was going to put there.

I turned on my heel and walked out, excited to check out my actual room. I shut the door to my school room and opened the door to my real room. My breathing stopped at the sight of it. It was already perfect. The walls were a bright enough orange, and the tops and bottoms of all the walls were trimmed in black. The base boards and doors were a semi-gloss white. As I walked further in, the more the room shocked me to the core. My room was huge! Even huger than my school room! I could easily put a couch and two chairs in my room, plus a TV, and a king size bed.

“Oh, wow. Unfair Dani!” Cassey said, startling me. I hadn’t heard her come in.

“I know right! It’s perfect!” I clapped my hairs together as I spun around once.

“Not what I meant. I meant that the room is huge! Mine are small,” She pouted. I was planning on saying, “All’s fair in love and war.” But how she looked, I just couldn’t say it.

“I bet your rooms are pretty cool,” I protested. She sighed, and then shrugged as she turned and walked out the room.

I couldn’t help but sigh. I hated when she did this. If she didn’t get what she wanted, all heck broke loose until she got what she wanted. I, on the other hand, would deal with whatever I got and would not complain once about whatever it was.

But for something like this, how in the world could I complain? I couldn’t, it was as simple as that.

I had to go shopping right away for my two rooms. It was a must. Even though I may be a geek, but I sure do love a good shopping day.

“Mom! Can we go shopping?! Please!” I yelled from upstairs. I crossed my fingers and prayed she would say yes.

“Not right now, honey! We have to unpack everything! Then we can go shopping!” That answer put a frown on my face.

But, I knew she was right, so with another sigh, I walked down the stairs and went to go get my boxes filled with all my things. This was going to be a long night.

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