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"i love you,"

"skeppy, we are NOT going through this again!"

"i love you,"

"oh my goodness skeppy stop! you are ruining my server!"

"no i'm making it better i don't know what you are talking about," zak muted his mic as he set lava into the server and laughed at darryl's reaction.

"skeppy stop this right now! do slash slash undo," darryl's angered voice came through, "do it skeppy, type slash slash undo!"

after sharing a quick laugh zak unmuted his mic, typing the literal words into the minecraft chat.

"NO skeppy, i said slash slash undo!"

"that's what i did! can't you see?" zak, clearly satisfied with his work, leaned back on his chair.

"oh my goodness, skeppy. you know what, i'm leaving. i can't do this anymore" darryl said while leaving his own server and letting a frustrated sigh out of his system.

"no no no. okay, OKAY. i fixed it! don't leave please. come back online, please. i promise i won't grief your server anymore." zak said as he did darryl's command of undoing his work.

"okay," as darryl expected, he saw his server fixed and immediately removed zak's perms and banned him permanently. "don't ever talk to me again."

"wait, you banned me?" zak immediately muted his mic and started laughing, but suddenly stopped and unmuted his mic, "wait, what do you mean never talk to you again?"

"you have crossed the line, skeppy. i trusted you to be good on my server and you ruined it," darryl let a long sigh before continuing, "i know you think you're funny, but i don't, and i can't do this anymore! goodbye."

buddy disconnected from your server.

zak tried to move him back to the server but he was already offline. zak didn't expect for that to go bad in the end but ended the video anyways.

he didn't mean to hurt him, of course. darryl knows that i was just joking. there's no need to worry. zak thought as he exited out of minecraft and turned off his computer.

i'll talk to him, there's no way he is actually being serious. zak layed down his bed and turned on his phone to open twitter to message darryl.

You can no longer send Direct Messages to this person. Learn more

zak was shocked to say the least. he didn't expect for any of this to happen. he checked his other social media but was blocked off as well.

panic ran over zak's head as his breathing began to quicken and he began shaking. he tried to call him multiple times and message him but that didn't lead to anything.

zak curled his legs all the way to his chest, shivering from the panic. he didn't know what to do, especially since he hadn't had a panic attack in so long.

he needed to hear darryl's voice to calm him down. that was the only solution. but what could he do when he had just ruined his friendship with the other man.

he layed there, sweat dripping down his face. he closed his eyes shut, repeating words of i'm sorry and i didn't mean to in his head.

after minutes that felt like hours, he finally rested and he was calm again.

"i'm sorry"


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