It Has A Name Part 20

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28th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

It was darn frustrating it was. I can not say it any other way except that it was frustrating with a capital 'f'. 

It has a name for it but I keep refusing to acknowledge what that name is.

But if Drake accidentally brushes up against me one more time causing me to feel those darned exciting shivers again, I am going to smack him and smack him a good one.

I have been spending more time with the Johnson family since Lory wants to spend more time with them. But doesn't want me to leave her there. I can understand why after talking with my mother. She is scared and feeling very insecure now that her pregnancy is making itself known and others are noticing it.

Like the kids she attends home schooling with a couple of times a week. It is making her feel really uncomfortable with all the whispers and stares happening. I even had to take a couple of ladies to task when they actually started to gossip about Lory while inside my shop. That was a pleasant interlude for me doing that. It also embarrassed the hell out of the ladies when I did it too.

Especially since Suzanne, was one of the ladies at the pool party over at Cole's place that time when Janey and me called the other ladies out for their gossiping. Suzanne was one of those ladies who didn't care and walked off afterwards. I have seen her a couple of times around town. But this was the first time I had seen her this close.

She knew it was my shop. I heard her mention my name a few times. It was like she was daring me to say something to her. Whether or not she thought I was not going to say anything or do so, I didn't know. But I called her on it which she didn't like.

I stood there behind her and waited for her to turn around before saying something to her.

She looked startled for a moment before she gathered whatever wits she had about herself and slyly looked at me with that calculating look she uses when she is thinking of causing mischief.

" Oh, Tahleilah. I didn't see you there." She said after a startled moment.

" It's my shop. You said hello when you and your friend walked in through the door. You have looked up every five minutes or so to see where I was and you even asked me about a couple of things. How did you know know I was here?" I asked her with a confused look on my face.

I was not really confused. I just wanted her to think I was.

" You know what I mean." Suzanne looked a little flustered after I spoke to her.

" No, I don't. Why don't you explain it to me? Hmm." I asked her with a smile as I leaned against the doorway and crossed my arms as I gave her a bit of a glare.

" Umm... Never mind. Umm Can you tell me a little bit about this soap here please? Or don't you know?" She started to smirk at me. Her friend just stood there looking a little unsure of herself as she looked from Suzanne then to me.

" The directions and information are listed on the back cover. If the print is too small for you to see, Suzanne, Coral has an online store that has more information." I said to her without taking my eyes off her.

They had been standing there looking at some of Esme's doilies. The particular set was another wedding set that Esme had worked on for months. It had been for an order that had fallen through with the wedding in question being cancelled. So, the set was here in the store.

Anyway, Suzanne was just being snarky and asked a few more questions. Some of which, I had to say, were actually very smart. Like she really wanted to know. She even asked me about my small lip balm holders. Her friend, whose name I found out was Zelda, was the one who wanted to come into the store int he first place after haring about it and not having had an opportunity to do so until now.

She bought four of the lippy holders and a couple of disposable cup holders. The cup holders are designed to help you hold you takeaway coffee or tea with a wrap around snuggle, as we call them. Zelda was very appreciative of her purchases. We spoke for a few more minutes and before long, I smiled at her as she left with a wave.

Suzanne couldn't get out of there quick enough.

It was not until ten minutes later when I was reorganizing the stock in the shop again that my blood went red. I stopped and looked. I checked to make sure. Then I went back into the back store room where we have the security camera's and checked the footage for the last half an hour and there it was.

While Zelda was keeping me occupied, Suzanne stole the wedding set of doilies. I rang the sherriff and called for a deputy to come up as I had a shoplifting incident to report. While waiting for the deputy to arrive, I made a copy of the footage in question and made sure to have it available and ready to give my statement.

I should have realized that thieves like to work in pairs with one of them distracting the store assistant and the other one browsing through the store and grabbing what they want after casing the joint, so to speak.

It was after the deputy arrived that I saw that there was a little more of the stock absent after I had set it out earlier that day. It was not until we had another good look at the film from the time the two women actually came through the door that we saw that Zelda had in fact, stashed some things in her own bag.

I sat down and worked out the costs involved and was surprised to see that it was a considerable amount they took. I wondered if they had been in before when Coral was in. I would have to ask her about it and check for back logs in security film. I told the deputy what I thought and if I can find out, he would add it to the statement.

By that afternoon, rumor was going around town through the local gossips chatline that Suzanne and Zelda were arrested for shoplifting. Of course, they denied it most vigorously calling me all sorts of names. But when it came out that there was security footage of them actually doing it today, that was when the real gossip started.

Of course, I did look through all the footage with Coral after I called her and it took us a while, but we found more footage of them actually coming in and stealing some more stock when Coral was being distracted. After that, a few other stores in town started making statements to the sheriffs office about what security film they now have of the two women involved.

Seventeen cases of theft from various stores around the town were proved against the two women. We heard later that the two women had left town with their families. I guess the gossip got too much for them after they were found guilty for the thefts and had to pay restitution. Which was not cheap, I might say.

Anyway, It was Knox who actually came and spoke to me about this stupid legal case that Jarrod's parents brought against me.

It seems that under Australian law, all children have the right to know their families even in the event of their parents losing or forfeiting custody of them. In this case, Jarrod's parents want visitation rights to have the girls in Australia with them so the girls can have access to their Australian heritage. Part of which was aboriginal.

Which was something I had not been made aware of. Considering that I myself have an Native American Indian heritage, I understand what that means. But, there is no way in hell I am going to allow my girls to go back to Australia on visitation for cultural and heritage reasons when those same reasons were not and have not been a part of the families heritage in all the time since I have known them. That was just an excuse they are using to try and get their way.

Which will not work.

I told Knox that and left it all now up to him as to what my next move will be. But I want him to stress to the Embassy was that I have not ever stopped Jarrod or his family from seeing the girls at any point. Even when it was very inconvenient for everyone here. I had copies of all the courts rulings from the divorce and custody case Jarrod tried to pull on us the last time I was there in Australia. 

I gave all those to Knox the moment this crap with the Barnes family had all started. I was now pissed and they were all going to know it.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This situation can be a bit of a bitch. And the bitch has a name.

It's called Karma and she's coming for Jarrod and his family. And I do not feel any kind of pity for them at all. They are the ones who are missing out. Or they will.

I just felt sad for the girls who I know will be affected by this.

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