No Attempts Part 19

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27th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

I just looked at Jarrod as he sat there nervously waiting for the girls to come into the main house from our unit at the back of the house.

When he had arrived, they had been in the bath and then getting ready for bed after dinner. So, having him arrive as late as he did was somewhat a bit of an inconvenience, to say the least. But I allowed it for the moment since he did come straight here from the airport.

" My parents are also in town at the motel. They are hoping to see the girls tomorrow. If that is all right with you?" He asked me a bit nervously. I took a few deep breaths before I slowly stepped over to him and leaned down and looked him right in the face while I had my arms crossed. He had been sitting on the edge of the settee and looked up at me when I stepped over to him.

" If you think that you are going to try and take the girls from here, think again. I know that is what you tried to do last time. But it is not going to happen again. You completely signed them away. I am only letting you and your parents see them as a courtesy because I believe that they have the right to know their father and his family. But if you, or your parents, try to leave the country with them, I will pull an Amber alert of the three of you. You won't like American jails. They are nothing like the ones back in Australia. So, I can assume that there will be no attempts to run off with them again, is there?." I sneered at him.

He backed up away from me when I started to speak to him like this. I can be pretty mean when I have to be and it seems that I am somewhat mean lately. Sometimes, I really have to stop and think about why I even looked at him in the first place. It must have just been his eyes that drew me. I have to say that I actually liked them. I still do. But that is all I find attractive about him now after everything he has put me through.

This coming and going whenever it suits him, or his family, is going to have to stop. It completely disrupts the girls routines and mucks up their concentration where their schooling is concerned. They are going to have to learn the girls routines if they want to spend any real time with them. So that learning may as well start now.

I said as much to Jarrod who apologised for the inconvenience with this visit for the upteenth time since arriving. Then I suggested that they come back tomorrow afternoon and stay to have dinner with us. That way, they can either assist the girls with their homework and get an idea on how well they are doing as well as getting to spend some decent time with them as well.

It was the best I could do under the circumstances. The girls school break is not for another month.

Plus, I did not want to spend too much time with my ex's family. But I also didn't want to leave the girls vulnerable to their grandparents antics either. So, I invited Sonny and Gordon to come over to have a visit here as well. Sonny would then be able to spend time with her sister and also get back into the Nanny routine along with Ms Brae who was watching the girls like a drill sargent.

I had no worries where the girls were concerned which gave me time to spend it on a clingly Lory who has begun to suffer some nasty morning sickness.

Plus, Dad was also watching out where Jarrod was concerned as well.

Over the next few days, it was Sonny and mother who dealt with Jarrod and his parents while I sort of fell into the mothering role to Lory. Her nausea was that bad, we had to take her to the clinic and get her seen to since she was becoming dehydrated with a lack of fluid.

They kept her there for several hours to stabilize her sickness and get it under control. It also helped that she was prescribed some anti nausea medication which she would need to take every day now to help reduce the vomiting.

I have to say that I hardly saw the girls family except on the last day when they came over all day to spend it with the girls. Sonny and Gordon offered to take the girls sightseeing with the girls grandparents, and Jarrod too.  Gordon took my truck since it was a seven seater with the girls in the rear seat.

They had plans to also visit the adventure playground and have lunch there as well. It was going to be a big last day for them all.

It left me free to spend it with Lory who was clingy but wanted to spend time with Esme and Alexander along with her father too of course. That was my last day where I had the girls visit with their grandparents from Australia.

They must have been back in Australia for three weeks when the first official letter of demand came through. I looked at it and called Knox who just laughed.

" Didn't Jarrod sign their rights away. he did sign his rights, we know. But were his parents signed away as well?" Knox asked me. I was not too sure.

I thought that if the father signed his rights away, he signed his parents rights away as well.

" Let me do some research and get back to you. I like a challenge." He said with what sounded like a grin through the phone.

" You do that. As far as I know, once our citizenship was cancelled as Australian's, the girls or myself, can only go back for them to have visitation if I allow it since we are not under obligation after Jarrod signed off on the custodial paperwork where his rights were concerned." I murmured to him as I tried to think.

Anyway, I was still waiting for Knox to get back to me when I got the second latter of demand from the Barnes solicitor's. I had looked up on them and they are reputed to be a very good firm. But I think they are idiots if they think they can order me to bring my girls back to Australia like this.

But this second letter mentioned court action was going to be forthcoming if I do not respond back by a certain time period. Looking at the date, I can see that they posted it less than a week before the stated due date demanded in the letter. I gave another calk to Knox feeling pretty pissed at that s latest letter.

" Give the lawyers a call and tell them to get effed. If they have a problem, tell them that all correspondence is to now go through your legal firm who will be dealing with both the American Consulate to Australia as well as the Australian Ambassador. Until they hear from us, no one is to have contact with you. Which includes your ex husband and his family. You can quote me it that helps." Knox went on to say sounding as pissed as well as I was feeling. 

So , I did exactly that.

" Mr Knox Kingsley of Kingsley Law Firm is expecting your call after assuring me that I will no longer be receiving any sort of communication from you or your clients. Should I receive another letter personally, I will have no option but to request the assistance from the Australian Embassy's Ambassador. But just bear in mind, my former husband has completely signed all of his rights as our daughters Father. He even signed away the rights of his family. Do bear that in mind when you want to take this to court now." I snapped in curt tones to the tired sounded lawyer on the other end of the call whom I practically woke up being that it is so early in Australia at the moment. 

Their own fault since they gave me their after hours number for some reason.

Anyway, I was just going to wait now until I hear back from Knox.

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