It Begins Part 18

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Lila's POV...

Over the next few weeks, we saw Lory getting used to both her father and his grandparents. She was even comfortable enough that she would often ask if she could pop out to visit with them. Just last weekend, she had her first sleepover at their place.

Of course, during the last week, we heard that her stepfather, Butch, had been arrested and charged. With the overwhelming evidence against him including that of his own parents who realized what had begun to happen also testifying against him had his lawyers urge him to plead guilty.

He still has to go to court and we hope that Lory does not have to go to court as well and testify. Usually, those particular offenders can be released because the ones who were the victims of their abuse, couldn't face their attacker, their abuser, in court regardless of their age.

But, the fact that Lory was pregnant made it both easier to have him charged and in a way, worse since she refused to have anything to do with the man's parents who were the grandparents of the  baby she was having.

It was a sad situation for her and for her family. Drake and his grandparents have been doing very well where Rory was concerned. I can see the girl beginning to blossom a little. Until something reminds her of Butch and his family.

She mentioned to us that she didn't even miss her own mother any more. It seems that she was a bit of an alcoholic from what Lory described.

And, in the middle of all this was Jarrod who had gone back home after asking if the girls can go back with him. I just looked at him, then at his broken fingers and raised my eyebrows at him.

" Do you really want to take the risk of having something else broken?" I asked him with a droll tone as I stood in front of him with my arms crossed in front of me.

Anyway, he has not even called since he left and neither has anyone else in the family called here to speak to the girls. Not that the girls are missing him very much, or them. That too, was sad I thought. When I first met that family, I thought they were just that, a tight knit and close family. But they weren't. Not really.

I had to fend for myself and the girls when they came into our lives. Hell, they didn't even offer to babysit them or anything until the girls were passed the potty trained stage. Now that really ticked me off. Plus, the girls might liked to have visited them when they went with their father.

 But they didn't want to be there without him at any other time. Not really when I remember back on it.

What I also did find fascinating to a degree was the girls who have taken to Lory like she was their big sister. Lory herself has also taken a liking to the girls and would often be seen doing something with them. I smile when I see the three of them having afternoon tea out on the lawn in the afternoon when the girls come home from school.

When mother mentioned something about Lory going to school, the girl sort of fell apart. Which we could understand. School can be a pretty brutal place to be in. So, after my parents talked about it, they decided to have Lory do home schooling instead. There were about a dozen kids close by who lived out of town who also did the same type of schooling for their own reasons.

Mother was able to keep up with all the programs and she also organized that the kids can do some homework days as well together. It would help each of them all learn how to socialize with each other as well as the community since they do library runs at least once a week.

I knew that Lory was going to find it uncomfortable at first because of her situation. But she has already shown that she is stronger than she is. Plus, she has a protective father now who has a vested interest in her and her happiness lately.

When Drake turns up, she smiles first thing when she hears him or sees him pull up. Even my own girls had taken a liking to the man for some reason.

I came home from the shop one day to find the girls this time out the back giving both Lory and Drake self defense lessons. I don't know why with Drake. The man learned when he was younger. It was one of the things that the prosecutor used against him years ago when his own case went to trial.

So, he was indulging the girls with their lessons and even made suggestions to them and to Lory who stopped, thought about what he said and then tried it.

Drake found himself down on the lawn on his back this time. I couldn't help the giggles escape when I saw the surprised look on his face. I had been watering the flower beds thirty feet away from them when I giggled at them. I couldn't help it.

The next thing I know is that the girls and Drake are chasing for me as they charge at me. So, I do the one thing any sane woman does when she is holding the hose.

I turn it on them. We stay mindful of Lory's condition. But we did have ourselves a really good water fight which ended up with me laughing like a loon and on the ground after getting tackled by Drake with the girls throwing themselves onto the back of the big man who had to hold himself off me a bit so I didn't get squashed.

By this stage, it is Lory who has the hose and she is aiming it at the four of us.

" Get off, you big lug." I said between giggles when I saw how wet he looked. He was dripping as he too grinned.

I got him really good. Even the girls were all laughing. I thought it had been a long while since Drake had smiled. I thought to myself that his looks had improved since the last time I saw him years ago.

When he was young and stupid.

" All right, you lot. It's getting to cold to be having water fights now the weather has cooled. Inside, shower and change." Mother yelled out through the door.

Drake held a hand out after climbing to his feet to help me get up.

" Drake, you may as well stay for lunch." Mother yelled as she ushered all the girls into the house.

" Yes, Ma'am." He called back while still grinning. The passed several minutes were, I thought, quite fun. I couldn't stop grinning as I allowed the big man to pull me up off the lawn with one tug of his hand.

" Well, that was fun." I said to him as I began to brush the excess water out of my hair and off my dress which was sticking to me everywhere like it was a second skin.

" Drake, Baz has some spare clothes you can borrow. Get in the shower first." Mother then yelled which distracted em and Drake looking at each other.

That was something we found the other doing after that on quite a few occasions after that. Looking at each other, I mean. It was getting towards dark when we got more visitors.

Jarrod turned up again.

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