Seeing The Stars Part 17

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25th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

I stood there with one hand on my hip like I usually do when arrogantly posing when I am annoyed. But my other hand was covering my mouth in shock at what I was now seeing. Or interfering with.

Watching as Lory, who also came outside with me, nodded with each instruction given, was herself watching as the girls showed her how to protect herself.  I really was having a hard time trying not to interfere. But he deserved it by taking the girls outside without anyone noticing because we were occupied with those idiot detectives.

Drake is standing beside me watching the same thing I was watching. Dad was sitting on a chair under the tree now watching as well after he too came outside when we heard the first surprised and painful yell.

After learning how much my mother was hurt years ago as a child along with meeting some of the kids that mother had here for the same reasons. I decided that the moment the girls understood, I had them taught self defense.

When their father grabbed them by the arms and quickly took them outside and tried to take them across to the car he had parked close by, the girls had begun to show him what they had learned. Much to his surprise.

The man, who was their idiot father, was currently laying on the ground holding himself as both small girls showed Lory what to do when someone grabs them and how they can get free. He was moaning and groaning after being bit, jabbed in the eyes, kicked in the proverbial nuts and it looks like his fingers on one hand were broken.

I didn't say anything. I just let the girls teach Lory what they have learned by using their father as the test subject.

" Really, really, do not let me p*** you off. Those girls are like little savages." Drake whispered with a nervously frightened sounding voice from behind me which made me smile.

" Yes. They learned all that back in Australia. I kept it up with them attending the school they have in town here." I murmured when I saw that Emma was about to lay the little sharp elbow of hers into her fathers solar plexus.

" Girls. I think that is enough showing off. Your father is very proud that you kept up your training. Now, help him up and thank him for helping you show Lory what she can do when she learns some self defense for herself." I said with a smile as Jarrod groaned as he pushed himself up to sit there with his forearms resting on his knees as he catches his breath.

" I'm still seeing stars." I heard him mutter.

" Much better you seeing them like this than if it was me showing Lory how to protect herself. You do remember how well I learned didn't you, Jarrod?" I asked with a cheerful voice as I watched him get to his feet with another pitiful groan. He gave me one of those defensive, unsure looks he used to when we lived together back at home.

" I just wanted to spend some time with them without having everyone else around. That was all." He eventually groaned as he put his hands to the small of his back and sort of straightened his spine a bit.

" I don't trust you, Jarrod. But if you want some time with them on their own, go into my unit with them. They can show you where they live and what they do there." I suggested to him with a smile. The sneering kind that is all teeth. No warmth.

" Come of Daddy, come and see our room." Jennai grabbed hold of her fathers hand and began to drag him along with Emma grabbing his other hand. He yelped in pain when Emma did that. I also noticed that he sucked in a deep breath when she wiggled his fingers straightening them.

A few minutes later, the girls had their father in our unit out of sight.

" Should I pity him even more?" Drake surprised me by asking in a whisper behind my ear.

Damn it, I wish he had not done that.

Then my attention was turned back to Lory who was now looking a little unsure when she saw her father standing next to me after he arrived earlier.

Dad had been inside with her along with mother and waiting for the detectives to start their investigation.

The two idiots in question, not Drake, were now looking a little more respectful.

" gentleman, I think we got off on the wrong foot. I am about to make a coffee, how about we all head back inside and have one before we start this little chat. That way, Lory will be able to get a bit more comfortable with your presence and it will also give the female detective time to get out here since there should have been one with you to begin with. Hmm?" I smiled at the twits who looked startled for a moment.

Lory was now standing a little behind me and I can feel how nervous she was just them. But I also saw that she looked like she had also straightened her spine knowing what was coming.

An hour later, with myself and mother alone in mothers office with Lory and the woman Detective that arrived a short time ago with the saner of the two idiots, the interview had begun. It was not the first time we have gone through this with some of the kids who had been here and it helped this time that Dana, the female officer, was also the same officer used on a few of those others cases. So, she knew what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Mother and I sat there quietly listening to Lory tell her story while the others in the family were being occupied with mostly watching out for the girls with their father. Tony was here also sitting in the corner recording everything that was being said here in the room as he represented Lory and her interests.

By the end of this informal interview, it became apparent that all the abuse started after Gillian had died by Lory's step father.

" Nan and Pop looked after me really good. It was when they were not there that he did this to me." Lory said with a low soft voice.

Mother leaned forward and reassured her that none of this was her fault. None of it. I was so surprised that Lory was handling it as well as she was.

I can see that mother was absolutely fuming. Had the man in question be there right then, I don't think anyone would be able to hold her back from taking justice for the girl. And, I would be helping her with that as well. But we refrained ourselves from saying or doing anything that would jeopardize justice for the child in the room with us at the moment.

The rest of the interviews were going to be held down in a formal setting where everything would be recorded and used for the actual court when charges had been laid and it all comes before a judge.

After they all left and I was able to turn my attention back to my family, it was to find that Dad had taken Jarrod down to the medical centre to get his fingers fixed and it was Drake who was now entertaining the girls a little nervously.

But I guess they liked him since he was still in one piece. He even looked relieved that we were now there and after being told that they were setting up a formal interview to be conducted at a later date, he then turned his attention to his daughter who was looking back at him a little shyly.

I think I was very surprised at how resilient Lory was after everything a man had done to her. She didn't hold it against any other man. Just the one who committed all this against her.

So, both Lory and her father were getting used to each other which was made a little easier when Esme and Alex turned up after lunch to spend some time with their great granddaughter. Along with all those gifts that they brought with them. 

There was a lot.

Anyway, Jarrod did not come back that day. He just came back for his car before going off to the place he stays in while being here. At least he now has a healthy respect for the girls now and should not attempt to try and take off with them again. It would save him a lot of pain this way, I thought with a smirk when I remember the lessons the girls gave him.

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