Chapter 16

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"Niggas don't know, they don't need to know
Roll up on 4, slide through the 4, ride through the slope, damn my lil' hoe" ~YNW Melly

"Niggas don't know, they don't need to knowRoll up on 4, slide through the 4, ride through the slope, damn my lil' hoe" ~YNW Melly

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"This gender reveal gon be lit." Megan said.

"I know right? I can't wait for this shit." My friend Ken said.

"I'm just ready for my goddamn baby to drop this baby big as fuck like for what?" I said eating a Cosmic Brownie.

"Have you and Jamell talked?" Ken asked.

"Hell nah, he ain't called about his child or nothing." I said. Jamell hasn't called me for 4 months I talked to him once but that conversation was short as fuck. I called him asking him did he wanna help participate in going baby shopping for his baby and he said fuck no. So I left him alone.

"Girl what did he say when y'all talked?" Ken said.

"I called him and I was like do you wanna help baby shop and he basically said no." I said.

"He was like I gotta studio session and a show to do. Like bitch fuck allat shit what about your fucking child? Never get pregnant by a rapper his ass probably ain't gon be at the Gender Reveal." I said.

"Girl did you tell him about the Gender Reveal/Baby Shower?" Megan asked. I shook my head.

"Call him." She said. I sighed and went into the kitchen and called him, he answered on the first ring.

"Wassup jit." He said.

"Jamell my gender reveal is tonight." I said.

"Fuck is you telling me for?" He said.

"Because it's your fucking child dumbass. Don't you wanna know what the fuck the gender of it is?" I asked.

"Honestly nah I don't." He said.

"Bitch what the fuck happened to 'we gon be the best parents' you was all fucking excited before we broke up and now you don't wanna know the gender of your child how fucking selfish." I said getting mad.

"Mane fuck you and that unborn child ion give a fuck about y'all. You wanted me gone and now I'm gone what the fuck is the problem?" He asked.

"What you mean I wanted you gone?" I asked.

"I was your trigger and you wanted to break up with me." He said.

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