"That's wonderful" George said.

"We'll make the potion"

"And hand it out at dinner"

"We also have to involve the house elves" Lily interrupted. The twins walked her to the great hall, but sit up once they entered the room.

"Lily, What took you so long?" Pansy asked the girl. Lily laughed and told her friend she was having hair problems.

"Girls" Draco mumbled.

Once they were done eating they went to their first class of the day, potions. Lily kept slipping into her thoughts and sighed.

That's when someone had bumped into her. "Watch were you're going, Potter" Ron snapped.

"Hey, leave her alone" Draco stepped up.

"Mind your business, Malfoy" he shot back.

"Draco, don't pay him any mind. Ignorant people don't know of their way" Pansy said trying to calm Draco down, but making Ron angrier.

Ron then walked up to Pansy and pushed her into the cauldron. Lily got up knocked from her daze and punched Ron in the face making him fall back. Ron then went up to her and attempted to pull her hair, but lily moved out of the way and kicked him in the stomach, making him fall down. He grabbed his stomach and pain then grabbed something and went to hit her.

"Ronald Weasley! Lily Potter!" Snape said as Lily grabbed his wrist and twisted it.

"Yes, sir" Lily said while she still had his hand twisted.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Ron whimpered. "Let go! It's hurts!" Ron yelled.

"Let go Miss Potter" Snape said with a cold tone. She then released Ron's wrist.

"Everyone else is dismissed. Draco and Pansy stay" Snape demanded.

"What happened?" Snape asked once everyone had left.

"He bumped into Lily, sir. Then was rude about it so I told him to watch where he was going"

"Then I told Draco not to worry about it, but he got mad and pushed me into the caldron" Pansy explained.

"That's when I stepped in, sir. I wasn't about to let my friend get hurt even more. Ronald Weasley is a guy making him much stronger then Pansy. I didn't think it was right for him to put his hands on her especially since she didn't do anything to him" Once Lily told him what had happened Snape sighed.

"Draco and Pansy you are dismissed since you didn't fight in my class" Ron has stayed quiet through all of this. He was still in pain. "Mr. Weasley you have detention for two weeks and minus twenty points from gryffindor. You are dismissed"

"Miss Potter where do you learn to fight like that?" He asked the girl curiously. He was mad that they had been fighting in his class, but the Weasley had started it.

"My cousin and his gang used to beat me up a lot. To ward them off I started to fight them. It didn't always work, but it helped" She explained to the potions master.

"Have you been drinking the potion that Madam Pomphrey said to" He asked.

"Yes, Professor" The girl answered.

"Five points from Slytherin because of fighting in the classroom. You will have two days worth of detention with me" Snape told her, she nodded her head in agreement.

"That is all Miss Potter. You are dismissed" with that Lily left the classroom and went to meet up with her friends. The rest of the day had gone by in a blur and before she knew it she was meeting up with the twins again.

"Is everything ready?" The young girl asked.

"Yes, also we will be changing too"

"We don't want to be suspicious" George continued. Lily nodded her head and then walked into the great hall separating from the twins.

"Ahhhhhhh" a girl from Hufflepuff screamed. Lily laughed mentally, but tried not to change her face.

After a couple of minutes everyone's clothes were changed. The twins had been the Cheshire Cat, while Lily was an demon. Pansy had been a vampire while Draco a zombie.

"What happened?!" Pansy exclaimed. Lily laughed at her friend and started to explain to her. "Everyone is in a muggle costume" she told her.

The Gryffindors had fairytale themes like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, etc. the Hufflepuffs had food costumes like popcorn, cotton candy, etc. The Ravenclaws had animal costumes like bunnies, lions and other animals. Finally the Slytherins had the darker side, hence zombies, vampires, demons and other stuff.

"TROLL!!!" Professor Quirrell came in screaming. Everyone looked at the shaky Professor. "THERES A TROLL IN THE SCHOOL BY THE DUNGEONS" He continued to yell.

"All prefects, take everyone one to the common room" Dumbledore announced.

"But head master, he just said that the toll is by the dungeons. We can't possibly go there!" Lily yelled speaking up. Everyone looked at the girl shocked by the fact that she had caught that. Dumbledore was shocked that he had missed that fact.

"All Slytherins to the library"  he announced dismissing everyone. As Lily was pushed through the crowd she had lost sight of everyone and ended up alone. She sighed and tried to quickly make her way to the library. She started to hear something growl.

"What is that?" She mumbled to herself. That's when a troll had turned the corner. "Shit" she whispered. She turned and tried to get away. Why did this stuff always happen to her!

She turned to see the troll following her then she stopped. The troll had dropped his club giving her an idea.

"Wingardium Leviosa" She said. The club picked itself up and then dropped onto the trolls head. She sighed and then heard people running to her.

"Miss Potter! What did you do?!" Snape scolded. Lily explained everything and Snape sighed.

"50 points to slytherin for bravery" Professor McGonagall said.

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