Chapter 6

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Today was the day Lily had dreaded. It was Halloween, the day her parents had died and the dark lord had vanished. She sighed and began her morning routine. She couldn't help, but to feel a little sad. She went into her trunk and pulled at a diary. It had been her moms. She had found it when she was seven in the attic at the Dursley's house. It was the only thing that had saved her.

She grabbed the necklace that was in the book and put it on to feel closer to her parents. It was a photo of her, her mom, and dad. Th girl put the diary back and quickly left to do her hair.

"Lily, Hurry up or I'm going to leave you" Pansy threatened.

"It's okay. I have a couple things to do so go on ahead. I'll catch up" Lily told her. Pansy looked at her friend and sighed. "What are we going to do you" She said. She just wanted to be alone for a little while.

"Sssssss, hello" someone had said. Lily lost in her thought quickly looked around.

"Down here, ssss" the voice said again. Lily looked down and had seen a small white snake. She smiled and began to talk to the little snake.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I don't have a name ssssince I am all alone" the snake hissed.

"Ssso am I, why don't you come with me? I can be your friend" Lilly hissed back. The little snake looked up at the girl surprised because no one else could communicate with him.

"That will be ok" the snake hissed.

"How do you like the name Kaa?" Lily asked.

"Yesssss" the snake answered. Lily bent her knees and held out her arm for the snake to slither up.

"This way you can stay warm" she whispered to the snake. Once she was situated Lily began her walk to the great hall. As she turned the corner she bumped into someone and fell on her butt.

Lily looked up and noticed there was two people who look identical. Twins, she thought.

"Are you okay?" One of the boys asked as he helped her up.

"Yes, thank you. Wait aren't you guys Gryffindors? Why would you help me?" She asked the older boys.

"Well, little snake"

"We couldn't possibly"

"Leave a little girl hurt"

"And on the floor" they said switching off in between.

"I'm Lily Potters" She said introducing herself to the boys.

"I'm Fred"

"And I'm George" the twins had said.

Lily laughed at the two and they looked shocked. "It's lovely to meet you two"

"I heard you guys are the biggest pranksters in the school" Lily said, making them amused. They looked at the little snake and smiled.

"Why, Of course" George said.

"We aspire to be the best" Fred continued.

"Mhm, little snake" George said again.

"Would you like-"

"To help us?"

"It depends on what it is" Lily said. The twins smiled at the girl.

"We have a little Halloween prank" Fred said.

"What is it?" Lily asked with curiosity in her eyes.

"That's the thing"

"We don't know yet" George said as he shook his head in disappointment.

"In the muggle world kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. We could possibly use a potion to change their clothes into costumes" Lily suggested. The twins brightened with excitement.

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