Waking up

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*Crunch* *Crunch* *Snap*

Senku's eyes snapped open, instinctively grabbing onto his homemade knife. He rubs his drowsy eyes scanning the perimeters of his little camp, his small fire barely giving off any light compared the infinite forest around him. The noise got closer, then from the shadows, he could make out a small figure. He held his breath as y/n timidly made her way out of the shadows and closer the campsite.

"Hello?" she says her voice trembling.

"I see you got my message"

Before going to bed, Senku had gone back to the cave y/n was in to drop off her clothes and left a note in the dirt to come find him when she woke up.

Senku put his knife away and crawls out of his small shelter. he stood up and met her eyes, tears were falling gently down her face but she was smiling, the light of the fire danced across her s/c skin she looked beautiful, he was speechless. It took everything in him to not run-up to her and bring her into a giant hug, not wanting to scare her or make her uncomfortable, but she ran right up to him and tackled him. He crumbled as he melted into her arms, he didn't realize how much stress and tension he had been building up all day but with the mixture of y/n being awake and the exhaustion from the day all his barriers fell as he pulled her into him holding her tight. A tear rolled down his cheek but he wiped it away before she could see it. They pulled away from each other finally, and he watched as she walked around his small campsite.

"Wow Senku you sure have been busy, how long have you been awake?" y/n says her hands on her hips.

"Less than a day," he says nonchalantly. He was getting sleepy again, still worn out from everything he'd done that day.

Her eyes bulge open "you did all this in one day?!?!"

It dawned on her "Oh my god you must be so tired I'm sorry I probably woke you up didn't I?"

"No no no don't worry about that y/n I'm fine, I made a shelter its kinda small but it will work for tonight, are you tired?"

He knew she was sleepy her beautiful e/c eyes were fluttering open and closed slowly. If he wasn't so exhausted he would have loved to sit around the fire and get caught up but there was plenty of time for that in the coming days, what he needed right now was sleep.

He ushered her over to the shelter and crawled in patting the area next to him.

"I wasn't prepared for you to wake up tonight, I should have made it bigger I —"

"It's really not a big deal Senku like you said it will work for tonight"

He was definitely not kidding when he said it was small they were both lying on their sides with their backs to each other and still they were almost touching, but neither seemed to care.

Y/n had to admit she had dreamed of being this close to Senku on many occasions, and on any other night she would be freaking out internally, but she was far too tired to care. She fell asleep quickly while listening to Senku's shallow breaths quietly sending her to sleep.

-    The next day   -

You roll over and stretch your arms out, stiffness and pain aching in your back from sleeping on the ground last night *yawn* " What time is it?" You pause your face going slightly red from the stupid question hoping Senku didn't hear.

"It's 8:21 am"


"I made a sundial a few hours ago so I didn't have to keep counting the seconds"


"Huh? Why are you yelling? Well, to know how much time had passed when I was trapped in rock I just counted the seconds, I guess after doing it for so long it became a habit, so I just continued even after I escaped the rock."

"H-how long has it been?" you say shyly your voice just above a whisper, you had been wondering how much time had passed since everyone turned to stone, time quickly becomes distorted when there is no way of telling how long its been. The world certainly looked different from when you last saw it.

"Today is April 2nd 5738,  the world we are seeing now is 3718 years ahead of the world we knew before"

A tear ran down your cheek. 3718 years, it is impossible to imagine how much time that is even though you lived through it. Being given an actual date made the whole situation so much more real to you, it was one thing to be sat in a forest essentially doing the same things you did when you went camping with your family, but being given a number put everything into perspective for you. Everything that you had cherished or taken for granted was one hundred percent gone, everything from the city you lived in, to your phone you would spend hours on had long been destroyed thousands of years ago.

"So what are we going to do about all this," you say knowing a guy like Senku would have a plan.

Getting right to it he smiles his evil (adorable) grin "Well with the use of science I am going to bring every single person back, and build civilization back up from the stone age at lightning speed. Isn't this exhilarating?"

authors note

Thank you guys so much for 1k reads you have all been so nice and I love reading your comments so much!!!! This community is kinda small right now but its full of really great people.

I'm sorry if Senku comes off kinda ooc in this fic its hard to write him in character having feelings for girls when him not liking girls is one of his character traits.

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