Part 9

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As he asks me a bunch of questions, I turn my back to him and stretched out my legs and arms. I let out a relax sigh.

I turn to him, slowly. Nick waited for me to say something, crossing his arms. For some reason, It felt like the room was turning cold.

Nick saw her hand turning into a fist. He started to regret asking her. Then once she was fully faced towards him, she gave him a scary glare before blinking.

She took a deep breath into her nose. Nick waited.

"I got grounded~ Heh~"

I almost burst into laughter at how his face completely change into a serious and anxious face to a '

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I almost burst into laughter at how his face completely change into a serious and anxious face to a '...' face.

But in the end, I gave up and started to laugh. I wiped my tears and massage my hurting stomach.

"Oh dear," I chuckled as he stood still with his arms crossed. Suddenly, I started to feel heat on my side. I look up to see his angry and embarrassed face.

He held his fist up in front of him and scolded at me.

"You think this is funny!!!?? I was so anxious about what happen and..and, you tell me you're grounded!!!" He bring his face close to mine that had a simple smile.

"You wanted to know so I told you?" I innocently smiled with closed eyes.

"B-but still!! Do you know how many times you got grounded!!?" He asked me as he takes a step back and grabs some nearby safety gears.

Me, getting the hint, heads towards to an another nearby safety gear and put some of them on.

I chuckled at the question.

"I don't know? Have you been counting?" I teased him as I slip on on a glove.

He gets triggered at the question. Oh. Looks like I made him—

"Why, yes. This is the 15th time you've been grounded, Eve!" He makes eye contact with me which I returned.

"Here we go again...."

"Ahhh!! Nick-sama!!! Look over here!!"

"There at it again!"

"Woo!! Eve-senpai!!! You can do it!!"

"Who's betting?"

"This is my first time to see them fight each other in a match!! Eeeekkk!!!"

"I think Nick is going to win!"

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