52 | How he is in bed.

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Ponyboy: Inexperienced but rough

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Ponyboy: Inexperienced but rough. He sticks to the same few moves and positions since he's not very experienced. But he does like it rough, so it never really gets boring.

Sodapop: Passionate and determined. Not exactly rough or gentle, somewhere in between. He wants to know that he's getting his job done though. He'll do whatever it takes to make you satisfied.

Darrel: A multitasker? Like if you guys are laying in bed talking or watching tv you'll do it, because why not get both things done since you're both always busy. There are certain occasions where you guys can "make a night out of it." On those certain occasions Darry is very dominating but loving.

Dallas: Very rough and passionate, always dominant. Dallas needs to know he has control when it comes to making you satisfied. He loves demanding you around and making sure he's satisfying your every need.

Two-bit: He's somewhere in between rough and loving. It depends on his mood or the occasion. He loves to crack jokes when you guys are in the middle of getting it on, which makes for a lot of laughing between the both of you during sex.

Johnny: Extremely gentle and loving. It would absolutely kill him to know he hurt you. He loves to hold you closely and make love at a slow pace. He often asks questions like "You ok doll?"

Steve: Steve's super energetic and loving. Steve loves kissing you during sex so you know how much he loves you. He's very fast and full of energy. There's often several rounds involved in your love making.

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