Ch 3

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older Dorian Mitchell ^^

It was a whole three years since my dad left and life was getting hard.. for me. My mom was devastated that my dad and her sons left so She hit  the drugs heavy we lived in Englewood Chicago so it wasn't hard to find drugs or at least a drug dealer to give her drugs at that so she would give them money and they give her drugs which caused me to have nothing.

Englewood was a neighborhood with gangs and violence it wasn't the safest place to live but considering that almost every guy would join a gang most people had money. Not a lot but they had money.  me and my mom we didn't have money which caused my mom to start selling things in the house she sold all my toys food, furniture and it was horrible

I was soon old enough to start going to elementary school but I didn't have lotta clothes so I would wear the same clothes every day to school then I would go to the dry cleaners and get my clothes washed for free cause everybody knew how my mom was. I would get the school supplies in a backpack from other people in the neighborhood . food was a struggle. that's really why I only look forward to going to school was the food I didn't listen at all in class all I was ready for was breakfast and lunch because I didn't get that at home I didn't even have dinner.

I only had one friend at the time we met back when I was seven years old I was eight then but he was my only friend since elementary school and we really had a great bond you could almost say that we liked each other

Since I didn't have a lot of money everybody noticed that. they noticed I would wear the same clothes all the time they notice I would eat a lot at school and They noticed that I smelled a few times because our water would get shut off because my mom wouldn't pay the water bill so I was made fun of a lot but my one friend was there to back me and his name is Dorian Mitchell until this day he has my heart

But he was always backing me up when other kids would pick in me. I remember when he first defended me and also helped me out a bit

Flashback 1st grade

7 Year old maya

It's lunch time and maya is sitting by herself at a table with two plates eating her lunch. " eww look at her she's so gross" " ya and she smells" two girls giggling as they stood in front of her table talking about her

"Leave me alone plz" maya said looking at the girls feeling hurt that they were talking about her " oh hush up and eat your food you dirty pig" maya started to cry as they laughed at her

" excuse me what did you just say to her" a boy about 10 said to the two little girls. " what's it matter to you" one of the girls said

" how about you apologize to this young girl RIGHT NOW! Before I gets physical." The boy said stepping to the girls making them scared

" we're sorry maya" the girls said walking away. " hey you alright sweetheart" the boy said sitting at the table. " you didn't have to do that it happens all the time" maya said putting her head down. " hey look at me ..that ain't gonna happen no more Alright I got you" " you actually want to be my friend" she said smiling " ya ma I don't see why not ..ya you might smell a little and wear the same clothes but I can fix that if you could come to my house after school we can walk to my house cause I know you walk" " ya sure my mom won't be worried cause by time I get home she's usually high on drugs" " ya I know you live right across from me"

" wow that's awesome I would love to be helped cause I'm tired of people picking on me" "alright cool so we can walk after school"

So after school they walk to Dorian's house and his mom is cooking dinner. She notice maya and she welcomes her into her house gave her a shower and gives her some of her daughters clothes that were getting too big for her and maya was so thankful she ate dinner with them and went back home his dad wasn't there tho witch she found weird

Flashback over


I was so happy that day that I found a awesome friend and a good family to care for me. But as I got older me a Dorian were always together and one day I met his dad witch shocked me

His dads name was Alex Mitchell one of my dads closest friend the worked with him in the drug business. I would always hear that name Alex when I was younger but I thought he wouldn't remember me but he did
Flashback the day I met his dad

9 years old maya 11 year old Dorian

"Hey dad wassup I got someone for you to meet" Dorian said as he pulled me inside the house from me and him being at the park all day. " ok dad this is maya, maya this is my dad" " hello it's nice to meet you Mr Mitchell"

" well hello maya.. you look just like your dad" he said bending down to my level " wait you know my dad" maya said getting in her feeling thinking about how he left

" ya I know your mom and dad, me and your day grew up together and we worked together.. I use to hold you all the time when your dad would be busy" he said giving me a hug " you got so big man" he said making me smile " wow that's crazy that our dads our friends" Dorian said amazed.

" do you ever talk to him I really miss him maybe you can ask him to talk to me" I said feeling sad " of course sweetheart.. you know he loves you a lot and misses you him and your brothers

"I miss them too a lot" maya said lightly crying

Flashback over


"Ok babies it's time to go to bed" I said going to turn the tv off. " awhh mom noooo" all my kids Groaned. " yes you have to go to bed it's already 9:30 , mommy has to go to work tomorrow and i have to drop you guys off at your grandpas house and it's a pain getting you guys ready ok so come on up the stairs" I said as my kids slowly walked up the stairs

I tucked in my babies gave the all a kiss and said goodnight heading to my empty bed. I really miss him.. but I have to keep my life moving. 

Alex Mitchell ^^

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Alex Mitchell ^^

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