Crazy boyfriend

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     I was looking at pregnancy videos on YouTube when I heard the door knob turn and open. Looking behind me while laying on the couch I saw Reggie .
"I didn't know you was coming by" I said.
He turned around and I saw his black eye, I jumped up "oh my God what happen"?
Once I got over to him I tried to touch his face, but he turned his head and said "I told my parents about you being pregnant my dad punched me in my shit".
I walked over to the fridge and placed some ice in a rag then walked over to the couch and handed it to him.
"Here put this on it so it won't swell babe" I said sitting next to him.
"You don't mind if I crash here for a few days I just need them to cool down before I head back over there".
I shake my head no and said "baby you can stay here as long as you want".
       He took a breath in and said "okay thanks how you feeling"?
I sigh and said "I mean from the small morning sickness I'm ...we are good I scheduled a doctors appointment for tomorrow".
Reggie laid in my lap and said looking up at me "this loft isn't going to be enough room for us and this baby when it comes".
      Looking around I replied "yea I know, but I'm damn sure not moving back in with my momma . I sent her a text telling her I was pregnant and she called me a slut.
"You are not a slut Angel" Reggie said looking up at me .
"I love how you always lift me up when someone is putting me down".
He smiled and rubbed his hands on my belly "I gotta do that your my girl".
       Reggie eventually falls asleep in my lap and I went back to watching pregnancy videos . Reggie phones vibrates on his chest and annoyed his quickly takes it off his chest and placed it on the coffee table before laying back on me and falling asleep.
      I grabbed his phone and unlocked it . Knowing his passcode from watching him all the time. Going to his message I saw that Kimber texted him wanting to talk. Saying how she was over being mad and if he was willing to leave me alone how she wanted to work things out. Pretending to be Reggie I text her letting her know I was pregnant and that she need to stop hitting him up because they weren't getting back together. Then I blocked her number and deleted her contact . Just as I was about to put the phone down a notification pops up again.
     Why the fuck was Amanda texting my man for?

"Can I see you after you get out of school tomorrow"? I blew off since our fight Dre had been calling me and apologizing like every day. I got back this whole week without needing anything I had in my book bag, but my mom was starting to question where it was, so I needed to go get it.
"I'll come by tomorrow to get my book bag". I said dryly.
"I'm sorry again for getting mad Remi and scaring you".
       This was apology three thousand and five. "Dre I'm over it I just need my stuff" was all I said .
"Tomorrow when you come over we can go out how about that"?
There was a knock on my room door and my mom walks in. "I gotta go" I said hanging up the phone . I texted him telling him why I hung up, so quickly and of course the boy thought I was with some nigga not believing the fact my mom actually did walk into my room.
           "Wassup mom"? I said locking my phone and giving her my attention.
She breathed in and out "please tell me your still a Virgin"?
I chuckled, but when I saw she was serious I nodded my head "Yea ma I am what's wrong"? 
"Your brother and his little girlfriend or whatever are now having a baby".
"I knew" I said.
She sat on my bed "I don't have to talk to you like a little child because you know the consequences of having sex at a young age. Something your brothers don't take seriously. Reggie is going to have to take care of another human being and that isn't going to be easy. I don't want it happening to you your brothers are raised right to take care of a baby if it's theirs, but with you there's no telling how these boys around here are set up. I don't want you going through what I went through when I was pregnant with your older sister".
       I nodded my head listening to her talk "I hear you ma and I promise you don't have to worry about no baby from me no time soon". She smiled and replied "good, but so I know for sure I'm putting you on birth control. Something that little fast girl Reggie has been messing with should've been on".
"Birth control"?
"Yes the pill take it every day nothing hard". She said .
I looked down at my phone "call me back baby please" I sucked my teeth.
"Me and your dad are going to put the twins to bed and then we're going to bed. Don't be up to long you have school in the morning".
Once she left my room I called him back. "Dre I have to get some sleep".
"Ima FaceTime you I wanna see your surrounding before you go to sleep".
"What"? I said confused .
"Just answer my FaceTime and make sure I see everything even under your bed and in your closet". Oh this nigga was crazy as fuck I mean bullshit crazy I needed to cut him off quick.

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