{Update 7.23.19}

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It's official! The first round of beta readers has been chosen and emailed! If you haven't received an email, then I'm so sorry to say you weren't chosen. I was only able to take on 6 beta readers for this first round and I had over 100 applications! This was such a tough decision because so many of you showed such enthusiasm for the story and have great qualifications and would make AMAZING beta readers. THAT SAID, don't be dismayed! I'm holding onto these applications so if I need another round of beta readers, you guys will be some of the first people I go to.

I am so touched that so many of you wanted to help me out in my publishing journey and it seriously MADE MY YEAR reading about how much this story has meant to you guys! For those of you that want to stay informed with what's happening with "I Wish I May" make sure you're signed up for my newsletter! I'll be sending out my first newsletter next month and there will be extended snippets of the new version of IWIM! (If you said "yes" you wanted email updated on the beta reader form, I'll be adding you to this list!)

Second, I really need your guys' help and enthusiasm for my new Paid Story on Wattpad: "The Painter's Apprentice." This was a short story that I'm rewriting as a full novel with one chapter released weekly on Fridays! This book has never had as big an audience as "I Wish I May" so I thought I'd post about it here and ask you guys to check it out and support it in any way you can! If you want to give it a read, AWESOME! If you can't purchase coins to read the locked chapters, I understand, but even just voting on the free chapters and adding the story to your reading lists would go a long way in helping other Wattpaders discover it! It would mean so much to me to have it do well in the program. A little extra income while I'm working towards traditional publishing with "I Wish I May" would go a long way! So please, show this story some love!

Best wishes,



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