The Meeting

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You were inside the temple, heavens main man standing before you. A Bright light filled the room and when it died down laid a pair of claws with chains.

 A Bright light filled the room and when it died down laid a pair of claws with chains

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Micheal "Behold child, a long lost relic taken from the rouge god. The one who killed all the gods of Olympus. It has the ability to raise the dead in your bidding. "

You looked at him and nodded.

Micheal "Be warned though Y/n, we know the last person who had used these blades had 2 sons in a distant land. One was captured by Thor, the other is roaming free. If we do however see his face, we would be able to eliminate the threat they cause to us all."

You felt a defensive aura begin to float around your body.

Right, I understand.

You walked over to the blades and grabbed them, the chains summoning around your arms only to link with it's new friend. They began to glow a purple so bright it would make Thanos look white. Eventually the lights died down an you could now use the power of the dead. You looked at the saint before you.

Micheal "It's good to see that the blades bonded with you. Now, I must be off."


He stopped his teleportation spell for a second to look at you.

I have a question for you.

He frowned slightly.

Micheal "I'm sorry, but we are very busy preparing for the ceremony tomorrow. I'm afraid I will have to hear you out next time."

*Sigh* Promise?

He smiled at you.

Micheal "Promise."

With that, he teleported into a golden light and disappeared. Akeno stood up and signaled for you to follow her. You went with her to a old style Japanese room. You noticed that there were was 2 cups and a kettle of tea on a small table in the middle of the room.  You took a seat and she took a seat next to you.

So, that was it?

Akeno spoke as she poured the cups of tea.

Akeno "Yup, we performed a ceremony here that tailored the weapons ability to you. After all, it's previous user killed the god Hades in order to obtain it."

She placed the cup in front of you, steam escaping from the top of the cup. 


You picked up the tea and sipped it, the warmth of the tea slipping into your mouth. You placed it down and looked at Akeno.

Can I ask you something? And, you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

She looked at you confused.

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