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1. Be nice outside of the role play

2. Please try to be descriptive I know that sometimes it's hard but please try otherwise I won't respond until you make it longer and make sure when you respond you add detail. I won't respond if you answer like this, (he walked around.), that's not role-playing that's just saying three little words and I won't respond back if you do that. I'm sorry if that's harsh I'm not trying to be rude I'm just stating how I feel

3. I don't care if you role-play in third or first-person as long as your descriptive or at least try to be

4. Please don't tag me every hour if I don't respond it's probably because I'm busy or just don't want to roleplay in at the moment you can tag me if I don't answer after a day

5. Don't be afraid to tell me if you don't like the role play were doing you can always quit or tell me if you want to do a different scenario I won't be angry I promise

6. Have fun and please follow all these rules thank you

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