Realization || Eijiro Kirishima

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a/n: it's my birthday right now but i'm still publishing chapters because i don't want to socialize with anyone so have this shitty chapter


Being a villain wasn't exactly my choice but that didn't mean I wanted to be a hero either, I despised heroes. I understand my parents were villains and they were wanted pretty much everywhere you went but when the heroes killed them they were innocent citizens. I was still young at the time but I was old enough to know that being a hero was the last thing I wanted to do, I hated them. Most of the heroes were so fake as well, they do it for the cash and the fame not because they actually want to help people. They think they're helping people by capturing and killing people but in the long run, they're no better than villains. If you look at it close enough, you'll find that villains and heroes are that different either.

I've been in the league since I was ten, the league wasn't exactly a thing back when I joined but more of a small group of people and thugs who did crimes. I didn't mind though, I would take anything that gave me the chance to crush the heroes who think they're better than everyone. I was now fifteen, since I joined the league had advanced greatly. I mean now we had actual villains here, not some scum off the street who has nothing better to do. I sighed as Toga excitedly talked about a green haired boy she saw in class 1-A to me and Twice. Toga and I were the only people who ever really got to see 1-A, I had snuck into the school on multiple occasions to get information on the students quirks and weakness. Toga always insisted she came with me when I went, I didn't really have a choice either.

I groaned as Twice started to go off on a rant with himself, Toga watching intently. These were the people who I've been forced to live with, in a way, we were one big family though. I smirked as Dabi and Tomura started to go off on a rant as well, yelling at each other like little kids. I'm pretty sure that Kurogiri was the only sane person in this group, he was like the dad of us stupid children. I slipped under the booth table and stretched as I stood from the ground, I had been sandwiched in by Twice when he woke up this morning and I had been stuck there for god knows how long.

Kurogiri finished drying another glass and slammed his hands down on the bar, grabbing everyone's attention quickly. "Are you all ready to go yet or do I need to break up another fight?" He said as he adjusted his tie and eyed Tomura, Tomura shot Dabi a glare before nodding and motioning for him to make a warp hole. Tonight we were going to attack the training camp that 1-A and 1-B were staying at, the plan was to capture Izuku Midiorya and Katsuki Bakugou. Those were to two main ones we needed but we had been told to take as many students as we could so we could ruin their precious reputation, which is what I planned to do. Tomura took his seat at the bar stool and showed us the pictures of the two students before sending us off.

I tapped my foot impatiently as everyone stepped out, just a few more minutes and tonight would be ours to keep. I nearly toppled over when Muscular stood next to me. "Jesus, dude, you're like a walking brick." I scoffed as I adjusted my footing, he just crossed his arms and adjusted his mask. I rolled my eyes and jump down from the mountain after Tomura gave the clear to go, I was supposed to be on my own which didn't bother me one bit. I was going after one person and one person only, Eijiro Kirishima. He had caught my eye while I was spying one time and I decided that I would take this as my chance to drop by and say hi.

The only issue was the Kirishima had failed the finals in UA so he had to take supplementary lessons with a few other students. That meant that Eraserhead and some other hero would be with them, which was a bit challenging but I wasn't worried. Once I had reached the building that Kirishima would be in, I saw Eraserhead taking out a clone of Dabi. This would be perfect, I snuck into the building and easily located the classroom where the students were. When Eraserhead left he must've put Vlad King in charge of them.

It probably would've been good to think of plan before I went in but I didn't have time for that, I fixed my shirt and then kicked open the classroom door. "Sorry to drop in like this but I'm looking for someone." I smiled and dodged the flow of blood that Vlad had tried to launch at me, "That's not very polite." I sighed and kicked him in his stomach. Once he hit the wall I turned back towards the students, "Is Eijiro Kirishima here? I wanted to say hi!" I smiled and folded my hands behind my back.

A few whispers spread around the room and I pouted as I dodged the tape that was thrown in my direction, "What's with you UA brats? Why do you want to become so sick heroes so badly?" I gritted my teeth as I spotted Kirishima who was standing behind who I assumed were his friends. Just before Vlad could send another attack I jumped out of the way, this was getting annoying now. I gripped onto Kirishima's arm and pulled him towards the classroom door, all I had to do now was make sure I didn't let go of him and got him to Compress asap.

Before I closed the door I glared at Vlad, "You can beat up the villains in the name of justice all you want, but as long you resort to violence, you're no better than them." I slammed the door shut and took off running. My hand never let go of Kirishima's arm even though I could feel his skin hardening and something cut into the palm of my hand. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." I smiled and headed back into the hell of the forest.


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