Chapter 15

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"I wan' amuse you, oh, let me use you
All for the good, not for the bad, I won't abuse you
Won't say I need you, too scared to lose you" ~YNW Melly

"I wan' amuse you, oh, let me use youAll for the good, not for the bad, I won't abuse youWon't say I need you, too scared to lose you" ~YNW Melly

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"What the fuck!" I screamed waking up, I looked around and seen I was laying on my couch with sweat dripping down my face.

"Ion got no cut jit?" I asked touching my face. Ok so it was all a dream good. I wiped the sweat off my face and went to get some water. (A/N: In Jamell thoughts italic print is his regular thoughts and the bold&italic is Melvin)

Oh my god nigga go get Destiny back.

Mane shut that shit up Melly we don't need her.

You need to get her back, why do you think that dream was for?

Fuck that hoe and her unborn child. We don't need her like I said.

Suck my dickhead that unborn child is our baby Melvin so shut up.

Why would we need a child now? Fuck her and that baby. We got hoes and that's all we need.

Melvin you not gon win this argument you sound dumb.

"Lemme FaceTime Destiny." I said picking up my phone and calling her, she answered after the first 3 rings.

"What." She said simply.

"Take me off pause." I said.

"For whut?" She asked.

"I wanna see yo face girl damn." I said, she scoffed and set it up somewhere it looks like she was in her kitchen.

"Where the fuck is yo clothes?" I asked, she had on a Red Lace&Bra panty set with a red silk robe on.

"Nigga I'm in my own house by myself." She said.

"You look sexy as a bitch no cap." I said.

"Wow what you wanna have phone sex or something? Shut yo ass up." She laughed cutting some strawberries and putting some grapes in a bowl and eating it.

"You know lace is my favorite." I said licking my lips.

"Dry ass lips." She said.

"My cravings is starting to happen and my mood swings."

"Forreal? Don't be eating no unhealthy shit." I said.

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