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It was a new day for the H/C haired teen, he was discharged early for his full recovery from his injuries and found nothing wrong with his body anymore. Y/N let out a small sigh of relief as he walked out of the hospital, finally being able to walk again after being bedridden at the hospital.

He started to walk over to Yuuei as he was not going to miss his first day of classes back, luckily, he was wearing his uniform right after he got discharge for easy access of clothing. He was thinking about Aizawa and his current condition, he was pretty worried about his teacher as he saw the look on his eyes while protecting everyone back at USJ.

After his relaxing walk, he reached Yuuei and what he saw was nothing new, reporters are swarming at the gate, knowing that they still want to get information on All Might as he sighed and walked inside the gate, avoiding any disturbance or any callings of the reporters that he came face to face.

He walk through the halls of the school as he was having his time to look around for a bit, missing it rather than the plain white walls of his room back in the hospital. He took a stop later as he reaches his classroom, hearing some faint noises on the other side of the door, meaning that it was Iida who was talking and taking action for whatever they are doing.

He let out a chuckle as he was ready to open the door, but someone tapped on his shoulder, causing him to turn around and see Aizawa with his bandages still on.

Y/N: Aizawa-sensei! What are you doing here? Are your injuries properly healed?

He asked as he just raised his hand as he wants to make him stop questioning him as he raises it down.

Aizawa: I'm fine L/N, thank you for your concern, but I am fine and ready to teach you all. My safety is the least of my concern as to all of you. Now, I assume that your injuries are taken care of.

He said as Y/N nodded on his part, he looked at him for a little bit.

Y/N: Yeah, still lot of resting to do, but I'll be fine. I'm here to study and ready to learn sir.

Aizawa: Good, now let's head inside and get this over it.

He said as he slides open the door, upon hearing the door slide open, the students sat back down and to their surprise, their homeroom teacher was present.

Everyone: Aizawa-sensei!

Iida: But what about your injuries? Are they properly healed?

Aizawa: Everyone relax, I won't let any injuries hinder my work as a teacher, besides, the old lady was eager to get me away, hence the bandages.

He said as without anymore moment later, Y/N walked inside the classroom, much as the classes surprise by this, Aizawa didn't mind it at all.

Everyone: L/N!

Y/N: Yo!


A figure shivered a little bit as Sougo took a look at the figure.

Banjou: You alright Sento?

Sento: Yeah I am, but, why do I feel like yelling angrily all of a sudden?

Back to Yuuei...

Midoriya: You're alright! But, didn't you have to go home to rest up?

Y/N: And miss my first day back? I don't think so.

Aizawa: Enough, take your seat L/N.

Y/N nodded and took his seat, making Aizawa cough a little bit as he looks at them.

Aizawa: As you all know about the villain attack at USJ, the school are taking extra security around the campus so the attack won't happen again. In line with this, the school festival will still push through this year.

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