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Seokjin and Taehyung were excitedly applying each other's makeup on their unblemished faces, Taehyung curling Seokjin's already thick lashes with mascara before tinting his eyebrows a darker brown.

"You look so pretty, Hyungie," Taehyung complimented before ruffling the older's brown hair around, styling it.

"Oh, shush, Taehyung. You look pretty with and without makeup," Seokjin retorted, thick lips pouting in a playful scowl.

Taehyung laughed before interlocking his fingers with Seokjin's soft hair hair, massaging his head. The two were having a great subs-day-in, ordering takeout and eating like their lives depended on it, spoke about boys, painted each other's nails and applied each other's makeup.

"Let's watch a chick flick, Hyung," Taehyung suggested, "but let's get ice-cream, first. You can't watch a chick flick without ice-cream."

"I have ice-cream at home," Seokjin informed.

The two decided on a journey - by foot - back to Seokjin's home for the ice-cream. The older unlocked the door and they both entered.

"It's in the freezer. I'm gonna go check on Minho," he said, watching as Taehyung made his way to the freezer.

Seokjin journeyed upstairs with a wide grin on his face, happy to see the love of his life.

Yeah, he loved Minho. He really did. Minho just made him feel great everyday and treated him so carefully. He felt so loved, as well. He thought that nothing could ever come between them. It was their thing. No one bothered their relationship, no one judged them. They were them. They spent everyday together in Seokjin's house, turning into their home. They were in love, and Seokjin was extremely in love and was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

But that all changed when he entered his room to see Minho, sitting against the headboard with a woman on his lap, straddling his waist, their lips lustfully latched onto each other as moans erupted from their throats.

"M-minho..." Seokjin managed, hearing the sound of his heart cracking as it rang through his ears.

The two pulled away and Minho's eyes widened, the woman turning her head to view Seokjin's rigid state. "Baby..." Minho breathed, pushing the woman off of him onto the other side of the bed, the woman grunting in protest.

Minho got off the bed and quickly approached Seokjin, reaching out to hold his cheek, but the younger slapped his hand away with force. "Don't you dare fucking 'baby' me," he seethed, glowering at Minho with tears in his eyes. "After all we've been through? Really, Minho? Really?"

"Seokjin, I-"

"Fuck off out of my house," Seokjin grumbled. "And take your bitch with you."

"Baby, please-"

"Get out! Now!"

"I'm not leaving without my money," the woman on the bed bed murmured with a scowl, standing up and adjusting her miniskirt. Seokjin forcefully laughed at this.

"So you're a prostitute?" he asked, crossing his arms, putting on a smug façade. "Leave, without your fucking money or I'm calling the cops and reporting you for both human trafficking and breaking and entering."

The woman looked shocked for a second before regaining her scowl and leaving the room, and most likely the house. Minho, however, gripped onto Seokjin's arm in hope.

" Seokjin, I'm sorry-"

" You're sorry?" the younger repeated, pulling away from the taller's grip. "That's what you fucking said three months ago and I actually believed you." Minho stepped back. "This time, I'm shoving that sorry up your ass."


"Fucking leave!" Seokjin yelled. "Leave now! Go! I don't want to see your horrid face anymore! We're over, Choi Minho. OVER!" The younger fell to the floor, heart breaking in millions of pieces as the tears now cascaded down his flushed cheeks. "I want you to take your things...and go."


"OUT!" Seokjin yelled, head snapping up as he glared at Minho through his hot, fat tears.

The older reluctantly grabbed his unpacked suitcase, walking out of the room slowly. Seokjin's chest was racking as his heart pounded painfully against his ribcage, tears hurrying from his eyes. He soon felt slim arms wrapped around his hunched form, immediately relaxing into Taehyung's warm embrace.

"I'm so sorry, Jinnie," he whispered, holding tighter onto the sobbing boy, caressing his hair softly as he felt his own tears reaching his tearducts. "So sorry."


broooooooo it was my dad's birthday and so my family and I went to this vintage restaurant called chevy lane and I ended up having two glasses of rock shandy and I somehow got really drunk on the 0.8% of alcohol that I injested

also, here's a lil something something I drew uwu

also, here's a lil something something I drew uwu

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