A Starless night

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His shiny raven hair flew freely in the wind, flying behind him like the wings of a great dark bird. He stood there ignorant of my stare as he let nature take its course and play with his pretty dark braided hair. His bronze skin shimmering in the last rays of the golden sun. I was mesmerized by his beauty, in my eyes he looked like the Angels my mommy always told me about when she read aloud from of the bible. I gasped as the boy turned his head and stared right at my hiding place in the bushes, his amber colored eyes turning shade as they tumbled with different emotions. I had some strange blessing by God that made me able to see other people's emotions. My mommy said that it was a great honor that I was chosen by God but that I shouldn't tell other people about my gift since they might become jealous. My mother is a wise woman and everybody likes her, especially since daddy has disappeared, people always come over and drink tea with my mother.
I was drawn out of my thoughts as I saw the pretty boy take a step backwards ready to run away. I could see in his eyes that he was afraid, confused, slightly panicked and just a tiny bit excited. immediately I made the decision that I was gonna be his friend, I just had to become a friend with the raven angel. My mother would be proud of me. So I shot up and showed my hands, so that the Angel would understand that I didn't wanna harm him like the evil demons. The angel stood completely still and stared at me with big smoldering eyes, they seemed to fill with hate, anger, betrayal, fear and a little bit curiosity. Before I could react the Angel was storming towards me like a bull and pushed me hard in my stomach, making me tumble down the hill with him atop of me. I lay utterly shocked on the soft grass staring up at the clear blue sky, what did I do to anger the beautiful angel?
The Angel had meanwhile gotten to his feet and was pointing at me angrily while shouting words I couldn't understand. Was he speaking the heavenly language my mother had told me about? I shook my head slowly to show him that I didn't understand but that made him only angrier and jumped down on me trying to choke me. With my chubby hands I tried in vain to push the Angel of of me. His eyes only held sadness and grief now and I wanted to do anything to comfort him. I was running out of air and my sight became blurry but just before I passed out I stroked the Angel on his cheek and I told him that I didn't mind dying if that made him feel better.
Later I woke up alone on the grassy marsh while darkness surrounded me. The Angel was gone but I was still alive. Astonished I stared around me mommy had warned me not to go out at night since dangerous monsters could come out and eat me. Panicking I staggered to my feet I had no idea where my home was. Was it to the north or south, and which way was north? I started crying silently I should have listened to mommy, mommy was always right.
Suddenly I felt a soft hand being placed on my mouth, immediately I started trashing around trying to get out of the monsters grasps. I heard a hiss of pain behind and turned shocked around facing the raven Angel with glowing eyes. He put a finger over his mouth and then took my hand pulling me up. I sniffed and stared up at my savior. The Angel gave me a fleet smile showing his perfectly arranged teeth and then dragged me into the darkness. Blindly I followed him until I could see the torches of the village and people yelling my name.
Happiness overwhelmed me and I pulled my hand out of the Angels ready to run to my home. But the Angel took hold of my arm and dragged me back, I let out a squeal of surprise as I fell on my butt. The Angel leaned closer and whispered some strange words in my ear then pointed at the darkness behind us. I shook my head meaning I didn't understand and he made a movement with his arms which looked like a hill. Did he want me to meet him again at the hill tomorrow? I mimicked his movement and then pointed at the darkness. He nodded Enthusiastic and smiled up at him. The Angel wanted to see me again.
Just then I heard my mother yell my name "James!" I swirled around ready to run into her arms, but then I remembered the Angel and that I didn't know his name. "Me James." I said while pointing at myself. He held his head ajar much like a dog would do when it didn't understand. I pointed at myself again and said my name "James" suddenly he started jumping up and down excited and pointed at me while saying my name, I nodded happily. Then he turned an pointed at himself while saying a weird sounding word "Chogan" he kept on repeating it. " Chogan, Chogan, Chogan " Slowly I repeated what I assumed was his name "Cho...gan?" He nodded happily and I on impulse hugged him. His body went stiff and I backed away worried I did something wrong.
He smiled at me shyly and then turned and disappeared into the black. I waved at him, but I think he didn't notice. Shrugging I turned and ran towards my home hearing people yell out in relief of seeing me. That was the first meeting I had with Chogan , the first of many to come.

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