Welcome to Hell

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Hi my name is May. I'm 6 years old. I like to play outside and take walks with mommy and Snowflake, my teddy bear. Only Mommy doesn't take me on walks anymore. She says there are bad people out there. I told Mommy that if we did see bad people we should just call the police and they'll save us. She laughed and sayd that's a beautiful plan sweety but lets try and avoyd the sitooation. We live in an apartment. It has 2 bedrooms a kitchen and a living room. I sleep with mommy in her room. I don't know wats in the other room cuz Mommy told me to always stay out of there no matter wat. I don't have a Daddy I remember him when I was 4. He and Mommy had a fight then Mommy told me to wait here and went outside cuz she told Daddy the fight was upsetting their baby. They walked into the forest behind our compartment building and I couldn't see them anymore. So I started watching TV. Mommy came back a while later looking like she had been running. She smelled funny too like she was so scared that it seemed like a new scent. Daddy never came back. When I asked her where he was she got real upset and started to cry. So I don't ask about Daddy anymore. Right now I'm watching TV with Mommy. Somebody knocked on the door and Mommy got real still. She mumbled something and like "I wont let them take any more of my family". Which I really don't get cuz its just a person at the door. She tells me to go to the room lock the door and sit very still and quiet so I did. I heard the door open and I then there was no sound for awhile till I heard some bumping and shufling. Eventually there was one final thump and I heard heavy steps come towards the door. It wasn't Mommy it smelled sinister and strong. He banged the door down and found me in my hiding place in the bookcase. He picked me up and started carrying me and when we got to the living room I saw Mommy on the floor. "Wait," I said "Wake up Mommy so she can come too". He got a weird look on his face and said "you be a good girl and listen to me ok? Sit still and don't say anything" We drove for a long time I think, but I'm not sure cuz I fel asleep. When I woke up I was in a room that reminded me of a cell, but I don't think I did something bad. I found a guard sitting in a chair by the front of my cell and touched his arm through the bars. He jumped and put his gun up to my forehead, but I didn't move, why should I? "Mister why am I in jail? Where's Mommy?" He smiles an evil smile with sharp teeth I'd expect on a dog. "Welcome to hell kid, welcome to hell"

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