Chapter Five: Central Station

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In the DPD Central Station, (Y/N) were sat down being spoken by this man called Gavin Reed about the trespassing the neighbour grounds

Gavin: okay motherfucker listen closely because you just made me lose my chance of having my tea break with the guys so let's get this shit over with

Gavin sits down on the chair and crosses his arm as he stare right at me

Gavin: why the hell were you at the man house?

(Y/N): well like I told you people on the phone that he was shaking this innocent girl like a psychopath on next level drugs so I had to do something you know unlike some officers we have these days

Gavin: okay and just what made you think you had the right to come into his house like that

(Y/N): did....did you seriously just ask that, I already told you the girl were getting shaken by her father!

Gavin: alright but like you said it was his daughter not yours so why did you decide to enter his house without his permission

(Y/N): ....are you really asking that right now.....are you seriously that retarded?

Gavin: did you just call an officer a retard right now?

(Y/N): yes I indeed did because it's clear to me you have no common sense whatsoever, why the hell do you mean by entering his house without permission HE WAS SHAKING HIS OWN DAUGHTER, I'M NOT JUST GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN-

As I was shouting out loud to the officer, Gavin got up and points a gun at me

Gavin: how about you shut the fuck up before I actually put an end to you

(Y/N): you really think that's a good idea to just shoot me without any reason plus I don't think you're allowed to do that

Gavin: oh really...well what if I shoot you right now?

(Y/N): well I guess that would be an end for my life but it's not like I have anything left to stay around since I lost the people I love

Gavin: oh so you decide to trespass someone else house because the girl reminded you of your daughter, was that it?

(Y/N): know what just bloody kill me because I'm really tired but not just you but how your stupidity is started to reach mass level right now

Gavin smiles and pulls the trigger which no bullets come out of the gun, he chuckle and puts the gun down

Gavin: fucking idiot I don't even have bullets in get the hell out of this station before I do it myself

(Y/N): oh wow you so funny you would like a medal with that....idiot...

I stood up from my chair and were leaving the room, as I leave I saw some of the police officers were walking by

(Y/N): I can't believe I had to talk to that asshole but I still need to know what was up with that neighbour of mine...first I need to get a new phone since that fat asshole broke my own....

As I was about to leave the DPD central station, I stop as I saw an android just standing there in the opening while closing it eyes

(Y/N): it that android okay?

I walk up to the android to check if it was broken down on something but nothing seem to confirm it

(Y/N): Hmm...this is a RK800, this must be one of the androids that is involve with investing deviants

The android then open it eyes which made me jump for a second, the RK800 look at me as it spoke

Connor: Hello my name is Connor, I'm the android built by Cyberlife

(Y/N): oh uh name is (Y/N), I'm a human built by...God, I guess...

Connor: I'm sorry but you are not the person who I'm looking for

(Y/N): oh sorry I was just wondering what was happening to you since your eyes was closed and all

Connor: I wasn't broken if that's what you thought, I was just in the Zen Garden talking to Amanda

(Y/N): mean the woman that-

Connor: I'm sorry for disturbing you but I need to leave to talk to the officers of this station, it was a greeting talking with you (Y/N)

Connor were walking away as he was going upstairs to the Police Department

(Y/N): it was nice talking to you too....Connor....

I sigh and left the DPD central station and went to buy another phone

Meanwhile at Todd House, Kara were washing the dishes as Todd were sitting on his ass watching some hockey and Alice n in her bedroom reading Alice in Wonderland

Todd: Kara!

Kara: yes Todd?

Todd: Give me a cold beer!

Kara: right away Todd

Kara finish washing the dishes and head to the fridge to grab a cold bear, she then went to Todd and put it down on the table

Kara: I'm done with the all the things you told me to do, I've also done cleaning the clothes as well

Todd: I don't give two shits just leave me alone and do something else god!

Kara: okay Todd

Kara looks around and see what she could do, she then decided to head up stairs to check on Allison which she then saw her reading the Alice in Wonderland

Kara: Hello Alice

As Alice saw Kara, she quickly closes the book and head to the tent

Kara: are you okay, do you want me to read Alice in Wonderland for you?

Alice didn't say anything but Kara smile and pick up the Alice in wonderland book

Alice: why...why did he try and help me?

Kara looks at Alice as she spoke

Alice: why did that man came to tell my dad to stop?

Kara then remembered the man that came in Todd House as he was screaming to leave Alice around

Kara: I have no idea Alice

Alice: you think he came to defend for me?

Kara: ...I don't know Alice

Alice looks down as she were still thinking of that moment, Kara smile and walk up to her

Kara: are you sure you don't what me to read Alice in Wonderland for you?

Alice looks at Kara and smile with a nod, which Kara sat down and opened the book to start the story

Kara: once upon a time there lives a girl with beautiful blonde hair name Alice...

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