Chapter 34: Declaration of War

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(Lastation Basilicom)

Uni and Midoriya were in the elevator waiting to be at the top floor.

Midoriya: What's going on?!

Uni: Noire! Is it true?! Did Eden really invade Planeptune?!
She ran out of the elevator.

Noire: Yes. Nepgear is evidently trying to hold them back right now. She said.

Uni: I'll go help her!
She said. She ran from her, but Noire got her attention again.

Noire: Uni, Midoriya, you need to see this!
She called them out again. It showed footage of people going crazy.

(Maidakai Village Southern Planeptune)

Everything was going in chaos. People throwing shit around, people throwing shit at people, some had signs that said, "Free the adults-only content!" "Freedom of expression!"

Corrupted Villager: We demand to see more explicit content!
One villager said holding a sign up. A dark reddish pink aura surrounded the villager. The goddesses watched from cameras. They had a facetime group chat.

Blanc: These extremists are staging riots everywhere. In Lastation, Leanbox, and Lowee. All making the same demands as Eden. She said on the computer.

Vert: In other words, Planeptune's the last of our worries right now. We have to deal with this first. She said on the computer to them.

Noire: There's no denying it's a diversionary tactic. But that doesn't make the threat less dangerous. She said to them on the computer.

Uni: So what are you saying?! Forget about Planeptune and Nepgear?! She said.

Noire: No. But we have to protect our own countries first. That is our duty as goddesses. She said. Uni felt a bit uneasy about it at first. Midoriya was not scared. He was getting serious with this. If a hero handles with something serious or severe, they have no choice but to risk their lives. He looked out to the window where the balcony was. Whatever it takes.

(The Gun Battery)

Anonydeath: Oooh~! That's the spirit ladies! Stick it to the man and fight for your right to porn! Go! Go! Go! Go! He said pressing buttons on the keyboard.

Rei Ryghts: It took no time at all for the whole world to turn upside down. She said.

Anonydeath: It didn't turn on it's own, you were the one who turned it. You were the commander and chief of our army after all! He said.

Rei Ryghts: What do you mean, army? Their not willing soldiers!
You're just using mind control to make them do what you say! She said.

Rei Ryghts: And what is that black mist that you control them?
She asked.

Anonydeath: How many times do I have to tell you? I really don't know. The client provides us the goods and I leave it at that. We're forbidden to pry it in the details. He said.

Rei Ryghts: I'm utterly terrified. The way things are moving, it's like the world's going crazy. She looked up to the screens.

Anonydeath: Well, yes it does look that way.
He said. He pressed one button and it showed a screen of Nepgear and Yellow Heart.

(Maidakai Bridge)

Nepgear and Yellow Heart were both in the air.

Purple Sister: No one's getting past me! And that includes you Peashy! She said.

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