The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 3

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When I was younger, I always thought the rain was God's way of telling me that he was pissed. I mean, I used to cry when I was angry so I thought that he did the same. The night before, it was really raining. I hadn't seen rain like that for a good few years. So what was I thinking when I was lying there, bleeding like there was no tomorrow and willing myself not to close my eyes? I was thinking about the boy whose arms were wrapped around me, telling me not to die. I was wondering why this complete stranger would do that. I must have looked awful, styling the much coveted hobo chic. And yet he didn't stop checking for my pulse. Part of him wanted me to be alive.

I was discharged the next morning. The nurses came to change the dressings and they couldn't believe that they were the same marks. Radleigh snickered and dad told him to leave the room. I just stood while they cleaned the area and put on new dressing, even though there was hardly anything there.

I walked down the corridor, dad and Jase flanking me like bodyguards with Radleigh bringing up the rear. The air was chilly when I stepped out into the car park. The concrete looked like it was frozen over. I resisted the urge to go and have a skid on it. I thought that dad might have wrung my neck if I fell five seconds after being discharged.

Jase's Jeep, as I was told, was parked in the far corner. It was white, complete with a roof rack. White? What was it with white cars? Why would you go and purposely buy a car that was just going to show dirt. It was ridiculous. Boys and their toys; they just never learned.

Radleigh and me sat in the back, with dad and Jase in the front. This was going to be the quietest car journey I'd ever had.

"Did you tell Cal and Flint to change the bedclothes in the spare room?" Dad asked, looking at Radleigh in the mirror. Radleigh nodded, but his face said different.

You forgot, didn't you? I thought. Radleigh bit his bottom lip and suddenly became very interested in his fingernails. I stifled a chuckle and looked out of the window. We were speeding past tall buildings and skips, the greys and browns merging into one big blob of dull colour.

"You'll get to meet Sierra today," Jase told me. "You'll love her."

I nodded. I doubted that highly. In fact, I already had my reservations about her. From what he had said last night, I already had this pre-conceived idea of some tall, blonde bimbette who was missing more than a few plates from her full set. I hoped I was wrong; Jase deserved someone who was better than that. But I suppose, she was his mate and he was obviously blind to all of her faults.

"And the boys," Radleigh threw in helpfully. I grinned at him.

"You'd better have them well warned, Radleigh," dad growled. Again, Radleigh took great interest in his fingernails again.

Did you do anything you were told? I asked him. He subtly shook his head, still looking at his grubby little fingernails. It was like nothing had changed. Well, nothing had changed; we were all just a little bit older and apparently more mature. I hoped that dad was like cheese and was nicer when he was older, otherwise this was going to be short stay.

After an hour, I saw a familiar flash of trees and we turned down a bumpy track. The Jeep navigated really easily down the twisty road. We turned a final corner and the house came into view. It seemed different from what I had seen last night. I hadn't remembered it to be this grand and...huge. It was painted white, with a set of stone steps leading up to the spectacular doors. The house was practically made from windows, which struck me as slightly odd for a household trying to keep their secret. But then it struck me that they were surrounded by thick trees and therefore didn't get many peeping Toms.

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