Chapter 58

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Ayesha's POV

My parents !

I have always tried to avoid them. I can have a normal conversation with Dadda but then Mrs Raichand... I cannot even face her.

I hate her to the deepest core of my existence. She's the reason why my life changed about 5 years back. Since then all I want is a revenge.

I have came back to London after 5 years. I was staying as a normal girl without any luxury or bodyguards in Mumbai.

Everyone says that I am a kind hearted girl who loves simplicity despite of having all the riches of this world. But what they don't know is the price which I have paid for this lesson is too much to afford.

I have avoided my parents like a plaque in these 5 years.

When I met Neil for the first time at that time all I could know was that he was an arrogant man. I had never planned on meeting him again.

But destiny...

We met again or I could say it was all planned by Neil. My heart fell for him. Stupid heart, isn't ?

It has been 8 months and I haven't still heard any announcement from the court. It seems as if Neil has never submitted those divorce papers. But why ?

Whatsoever be the reason, I don't care !

Back in time when we all had gone to Goa on a vacation, Dadda was also there. When I was dancing with Neil then at that time I had seen Dadda...

( Refer to chapter 14 )

He was busy admiring other couples dancing over there. He was ignorant to the fact that I was also here in Goa.

I had snuggled more closer to Neil in order to avoid Dadda seeing me with him. He just shouldn't... If he sees me with Neil then he will definitely recognise him which will ultimately result into Mrs Raichand knowing about Neil.

Later on, I came to know that Dadda was here with Veronica for an advertisement shoot.

( I hope that all you guys remember that Veronica was also there in Goa at that time. She was there for an ad shoot where she had seen Neil with Ayesha for the first time. )

Huh... I later realized that Veronica is model and brand ambassador of our New York diamond venture. But then like others too she didn't recognize me when we met later on.

Currently, I was coming back from my college. I have taken an admission in one of the most reputed law colleges here in London.

I was there in my car when my phone started ringing. It was Dadda.

It's very rare that he calls me. I picked up the call and answered,

Ayesha : Good Evening, Dadda !

Ayush : Good evening, princess ! Where are you ?

Ayesha : I am heading back home after finishing my college, Dadda.

Ayush : Oh ! I was just wondering whether if you could pay us a visit now.

Ayesha : Now ? Is everything alright ?

Ayush : Yeah, everything is fine. But then I want you to come here in Raichand's mansion now. It's something which cannot be discussed over the phone.

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