Tiny Klaine Stories:Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part3

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I blushed at how stupid I had been around him & took my cup in my hands.

-:"So what do you do?"

-:"I'm a writer." I said simply as I didn't want him to think I'm one of those selfish famous people.

-:"That's great!! Have you sold any books?"

-:"Seriously?!" Oh! That wasn't supposed to get out that loud!

I looked at him but found no jokes or dumb playing in him. He was serious. He really didn't know who I was!

*-:"Okay he doesn't even know me!!" I said to my mind.

-:"How do you know? Maybe he's just pretending like he doesn't!"

-:"Nope. I checked his eyes. He's serious."

-:"Okay change of the theory. I believe he doesn't know who you are..."

-:"YES!!! I won!" I smiled to myself.

-:"But!! But if he finds out how famous & rich you are, he'll certainly let you go. He can't afford you Kurt..."

I got worried, my mind was right.

-:"I shouldn't let him find out!! Not until... Very far away..."*

-:Uhm... Not any that could make me rich!!" I laughed then. Kind of historically. And just avoided any eye contact with him. He didn't deserve to be lied to but I just couldn't tell him the truth. Not then.


About two hours later we were done talking. I told him about my family he told me about his. We talked about our jobs, well, mostly he did. He told me about his best friend:James. We talked about our likes & dislikes & God we were perfect for each other!!!

Except for the fact that I was 10times richer than him...

-:"Shall I walk you home Kurt?" He asked looking at me with his hazel eyes. I was so in love with them!

But then the question hit me. He couldn't see my house!! No way!

-:"Uhm... How about I walk you home?" I asked faking a smile.

He sure noticed it:"You sure?"

-:"Yea yea I'm sure! Let's walk you home!" We went out of the coffee shop & started walking towards his house. We joked around in the road, laughed & had an amaaazingly nice time!!

Then we reached his house. It was a very simple one. Nothing fancy or richy about it.

-:"So here is my home." He said standing in front of me smiling.

-:"I had a very good time with you Blaine." I said honestly & looked him in the eyes. His face lit up & he replied quietly:"Me too beautiful."

Him calling me "beautiful" made my heart skip a beat or two! How sweet was he? I just couldn't hold it any longer so I jumped into his arms.

-:"Woaaa some one got excited!" He joked & wrapped his strong, muscled arms around me. I felt safe, I felt loved &... & I for the first time after a long time, I felt happy!!

*Blaine's P.O.V*

Days past & Kurt & I went to a lot of dates together. Nothing fancy but everything we both could enjoy. We went to movies & coffee shops, a few dinners & we were just so happy!! But I knew he was hiding something. Each time I wanted to walk him home, he would say something to make me agree with him walking me home. I knew something was up with his house. Maybe he was ashamed of it.

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