Tiny Klaine Stories:Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part3

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Hearing him say my name, looking at me with his blue eyes made my heart melt there & then:"Hi Kurt!!" I took his hand & shook it. It was beyond soft!

-:"Sorry I'm late!! It took for ever for my dri..." He hesitated for a moment & continued:"For me to catch a cab!!" He laughed nervously & I felt like he was hiding something but I let it go:"It's fine. At least you're here now!" I said & smiled:"So should we order some coffee?"

-:"Oh yea!" He replied shyly & we went to the counter ordering what we wanted & I paid for us both in spite of his afford to pay for his own coffee.

We got our coffee & went back to the table.

-:"So what do you do for a living Blaine?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

-:"I work at the mine." I replied honestly. I never believed in pretending to be some one I'm not, just to impress someone.

He coughed & looked at me with wide eyes for a few seconds. It was like he was having a conversation with his mind. Then his eyes softened:"That's interesting! You must be a very hard worker!" He smiled & put down his cup.

-:"Haha yea I am! I work from early morning to like 9PM."

-:"Wow! That explains your beautiful muscles." He said sincerely but instantly stuttered:"oh... I... I mean that... That your body... Oh my!!!"

-:"Thanks Kurt! That's very nice of you to say." I said trying to calm him with a warm smile. He blushed a little & took his cup again.

-:"So what do you do?" I asked setting back in my chair.

-:"I'm a writer." He said simply.

-:"That's great!! Have you sold any books?" I asked with a bright smile.

-:"Seriously?!" He looked at me with a bit of pride in his eyes. But that instantly changed into a look of concern & he replied:"Uhm... Not any that could make me rich!!" He laughed historically & avoided eye contact with me.

I could totally feel it that he was hiding something or somethings. I just couldn't make out what.

*Kurt's P.O.V*

-:"I work at the mine." He said. I looked at him & thought he was joking but his face told me other wise. I choked on my coffee & looked at him with wide eyes.

*-:"Kurt he works at the mine!! He's not even worth spending time with!! You're such a rich gentleman! You don't need some one to feed!!" My mind snapped.

-:"But I'm in love with him!" I replied to it.

-:"He just wants you for your money!!"

-:"How can you say so?!"

-:"Why would a miner be interested in an stranger he'd just met a few days ago?!"

-:"But he saved my life!"

-:"Yea just to get some money!!"

-:"I don't believe a word you say!!"*

I looked back at him & said:"That's interesting! You must be a very hard worker!"

-:"Haha yea I am! I work from early morning to like 9PM."

And then out of no where I said:"Wow! That explains your beautiful muscles." I was saying it from my heart, not just to complain him or anything, I'm serious. But that was embarrassing!! I mean who says such a thing on a first date with a guy he's met once before. (I'm counting the times I were actually conscious.)

So I tried to correct it but that got even worse:"oh... I... I mean that... That your body... Oh my!!!"

But he just replied with some sweet sentences:"Thanks Kurt! That's very nice of you to say." He didn't seem to be bothered at all. Or maybe he was just trying to calm me down.

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