Tiny Klaine Stories:Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part3

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{Hiiiii lollipops! Long time no update, huh?

I was waiting for the last part to get 100reads (which hasn't yet) but then decided to update anyway.

So here you go with the last part of this story.


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Tiny Klaine Stories: Rich Boy Meeting The Poor One - Part3

*kurt's P.O.V*

-:"It's a no go!! I have nothing to wear!!!" I growled crossing my arms in front of my chest.

-:"Hey son, what is it?" Asked Mary so kindly that made me smile in that bad situation.

-:"I just have nothing to wear!!" I pouted & sat on my bed.

-:"But you have plenty of amazing clothes! Plus, it doesn't really matter what you wear!! You'll look super handsome anyway!" She then went toward my closet & took out a pair of red skinny jeans & a black shirt.

-:"NO WAY I'M GOING TO WEAR THAT ON OUR FIRST DATE!!!" I almost screamed with my high pitched voice.

-:"Why not?" She looked sad & was looking at the floor & that nearly broke my heart, I went to her & took the clothes out of her hands:"Okay, I'll give it a try but just for you!"

I went into my bathroom, grabbing some black leather shoes along with me & put them all on, just to make it up to her.

I came out & stood in front of her:"You see Mary? This is not... Uhm suitable, you know?"

She said nothing & just looked at me like I was a model!

-:"You look amaaazing my boy!" She said with teary eyes.

I went to stand in front of my mirror to see how I looked & God I looked hot!! I giggled at how good I looked & winked at myself in the mirror:"Hmm... Looks like it wasn't a bad choice after all!"

I then went to Mary & gave her a tight hug:"Thaaaank you Mary! I love you!"

-:"Okay Okay! Now go fix your hair! Your date begins in..." She pushed me away, looked at her watch & continued:"40minutes!"

-:"OH MY GOD!!! I gotta get ready, FAST!!!" & then rushed into my bathroom to fix my hair.

*Blaine's P.O.V*

After a whole day working at the mine, you're supposed to be super tired; but that day was different from all other days & I was full of energy!

I was going to meet Kurt!!! How could I not be excited?!

-:"Off to meet my man!" I shouted to James who was packing his stuff.

-:"Good luck mate!" He shouted back & I went home straight after that.

About an hour later, I was ready, wearing a yellow shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans & the only pair of shoes I had. I headed toward the central coffee shop where we were supposed to meet.

I entered & after looking around for a while, got sure that he wasn't there so I picked a table near the window & sat on a chair, facing the door.

After about ten minutes, I found that angel walking into the coffee shop, he looked a bit nervous but absolutely beautiful!!!

I stood up & waved at him till he noticed me & a lovely smile appeared on his face. He came toward me & extended his hand:"Hi Blaine!"

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