Luke spat in Zayn’s face. “Who do you think you are, to come into my apartment and threaten me into intimidation? You may be a King, Zayn, but you are not a fυcking God! Regardless of your powers, you do not have the power to treat people like Kainsius and myself as if we are the dirt on your shoes!”

Smash. Luke heard his jawbones crunch and snap before he felt the pain of Zayn’s fist.

“You picked the wrong fυcking day to be brave, kid. I came here with the intention of sparing your life, but the option of ending your pathetic life here and now is becoming more and more tempting by the second.”

Luke sneered. “Go on. Why waste time talking when you can just do it? What do you get out of babbling on like this? Do you expect me to pour you some fυcking beer while we talk about your pathetic girl problems? ”Luke laughed, his pearly white tooth sneaked out for a moment from behind his lips. “I’d love it if the media to got hold of some information on you and Evelyn. Come on mate, how many times had Evelyn rejected you, turned you down, and told you that it is impossible for her to love somebody as damaged and evil as you? She’s just not into you, get that into your dumb—” Luke’s liberated speech was interrupted when Zayn’s fist collided with Luke’s jaw once again.

Normally, Zayn’s victims would be on their knees by now: begging for mercy.

Luke’s courageousness had exceeded Zayn’s expectations. However, the way the younger vampire challenged Zayn for control was like fuel to the King’s rampage, and that should be the last thing on Luke’s should-do list.

“As I have said, you are picking the wrong fυcking day to exercise your bravery,” Zayn growled, lifting Luke’s body off the ground.

“Look at you,” Luke laughed. “Look at how pathetic you have become! How weak she had made you! What happened to that Zayn who won’t take no for an answer, the Zayn who had nothing to fear, the Zayn single handily kill entire cities for sport? You have no right to call yourself King, no right to lead others to see you as a god when you are nothing but a spineless man who’s lovesick over a girl who doesn’t want anything to do with you! Look at yourself Zayn! You are pathetic!”

Zayn’s smile had dropped and he bared his fangs at Luke.

Each and every one of Luke’s remarks had hit their mark. Zayn’s pride was wounded, and it took every ounce of self-control Zayn possessed to keep himself from plucking Luke’s head from between his shoulders.

“Weak? Me? Do you know who you are speaking to?” Zayn growled. “Don’t mistake my imagined mercy towards Evelyn for weakness. I am not weak. I am not a coward, and I most certainly will not be talked down to by a low life like you! Do you know how easy it would be, for me to kill you? In fact, if I wanted to, I could have Kainsius here within the hour and make him willingly kill you instead.” He laughed. “Tell me, Hemmings, would you like to be killed by your maker?”

“You underestimate Kainsius. He is no longer the kid he was all those centuries ago, he will not bow down to you like some kind of pet. You have no power over him, just like you have no power over Evelyn, no power over me, no power over Harry…” Luke let out a cruel laugh. “Face it, Zayn, you have turned weak. You are a joke. To have your own protégé—” Once again, Luke’s fatal stabs, in the form of statements, were cut short. However, this time, it was not by the force of Zayn’s fist… This time, it was by Zayn’s absence.

Before Luke realised what Zayn was planning, the notorious King raced past him, into Kainsius’s old bedroom, and dragged out an unconscious boy with tousled blonde hair: Ashton.

“I told you I wasn’t here to kill you,” said Zayn, his signature sinister smirk made its appearance. “I was here, to kill this poor, innocent young boy here…”

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