Chapter 106

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love…

Zayn smirked, watching Luke approach him. “Cut the act, kid. Don’t play stupid.”

Luke’s smile dropped immediately. “So you’re here to kill me, huh? You’re going to kill me because I spoke with your girl?”

“You? Who said anything about killing you?”


Luke stared at Zayn for a moment, one of his eyebrows arched, confused, and momentarily dazed by the reply. “W-what are you saying? A-are…? H-have you heard…? Have you heard Kainsius is missing, is that why you are here?” There was a thin layer of excitement coating Luke’s voice as he spoke. The excitement was not for himself, but for Kainsius.

Luke could only image how ecstatic Kainsius would be if his disappearance alarmed Zayn.

“Kainsius…?” Zayn uttered the name with almost unfamiliarity in his voice. “Why would I give a damn about that kid’s whereabouts? He’s over three thousand years old, he’s not a child anymore, and he can take care of himself.”

Luke let a low growl slip his lips. It was both a brave and foolish act of impulse.

Zayn laughed. “Sorry to say kid, but your maker is not the god-like creature he had lead you to believe, not even close. Kainsius is a fυcking coward, and he would do the world a favour if he just left and disappeared off the face of the Earth.”

“How could you say something to insensitive and cruel about somebody who had worshiped you since the moment he was born? Do you have no heart, Zayn Malik? Are you as pitiless and callous as you had lead the world to believe? Are you really incapable of feelings? Is there not a single ounce of compassion or love behind your mask?”

“A mask?” Zayn chuckled, shaking his head gently with disbelieve before the annoyance turned into fury. “A mask? You think I wear a mask? Why would I wear a mask? Why would I, Zayn Malik, the King of the fυcking world, need to wear a mask? Are you as stupid as your maker? I don’t need a reason to wear a mask and pretend to be something I am not. Everything you see is everything I am. The evil, monstrous, tyrant you see is not a mask. It is what I am you fυcking imbecile.” In the blink of an eye, Zayn crossed the room and stood before Luke with only a few inches of space separating their bodies. Zayn wrapped his large fingers around Luke’s throat with a satisfied smile. “Are you scared?”

“No,” Luke replied with an equal amount of fury in his eyes to match Zayn’s.

Luke knew there were no reasons for him to bend to Zayn’s will like a pitiful puppy and beg for his life when the tyrant was determined to punish and kill him. He’d rather go out like a supernova, burning gloriously in a fit of explosion. He wanted to burn Zayn’s ego, inflict as many deep gushes into the King as he could.

“Why aren’t you scared?” Zayn laughed, his fingers tightened themselves around Luke’s throat, and squeezed, gently. He had always been the type to play with his victims before he ended their lives. There was nothing more amusing and pleasing than listening to the hopelessly flattering rambles of a man before his death. Zayn loved to watch them struggle, watch them cry; watch them beg for their lives, holding onto that glimmer of chance to live. “Do you think I am afraid of killing you because of your relations with Kainsius, because you’re one of Kainsius’s protégés? You think that makes you special?”

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