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"What clubs are you even planning on signing up for?"

"I dunno something to keep me busy."

I sigh, thinking back to the previous year where she signed up for at least eight clubs and didn't attend a single meeting, "Winnie, we both know you're not really committing to anything."

"Probably," she shrugs, "but I'd like to have options."

    We're speedwalking through the halls to the cafeteria.

     There are two minutes before class starts so the room is almost empty, and the people who are left are scrambling to write their names down.

     I glance over the signs around the room, Lacrosse Team!!, Book Club!, Musical Theater, Improv Team, Mountain Bike Racing, Football, Cheer Tryouts!, Baseball, Vocal, ArtClub, Cross Country. There's more but I give up reading them as Winnie drags me over to a stand.

      "Think I could pull off Mountain Bike Racing?" She asks.

      "Do you even have a bike?"

     She thinks before leading me to another stand, "What about cheer?"

      I shrug, "Sure I guess."

     She writes her name down.

      I look around the room again, "What'd you think if I signed up for Book Club?"

     "I'd say 'You're a nerd' and find someone else to talk to for the year."

     I sigh and look over the clubs again, "What about baseball?" I used to play baseball and was on a club team, but it's been at least a year since I even picked up a bat.

     I still don't know why I stopped.

     "I mean yeah, I guess, baseball is alright."

      I walk over and sign my name down on the list, hoping a month is enough time to relearn the sport.

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