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Ooorah & LayethTheSmackDown are known for three things; SmackDown contests, the Tevun-Krus ezine, and some badass science fiction anthologies!

It's the latter we're here for right now, because when we here at WattpadPunkFiction were approached to collaborate with this awesome project, how in all of Time and Space could we refuse?!

So how's this collaborative anthology, inspired by a round theme from Ooorah's previously mentioned Wattpad-famous SmackDowns, gonna' work? Well, sci-fi writers will be challenged to craft a kickass story with one cardinal rule: They must first randomly generate and then merge a Punk sub-genre and a non-Punk sub-genre.

From now on we shall call this noble goal...


A few examples, off the top of our heads:

OceanPunk + Galactic Empire.

TeslaPunk + Alternative History.

BioPunk + AfroFuturism.

AtomPunk + Theological SF.

Sound pretty awesome and unique, right? Feeling the stories bubbling away in your brain already? That's what MergePunk is all about, baby.

There are so many Punk sub-genres, so many non-Punk sub-genres. Sci-fi really is one of the most diverse genres to write in. We want to showcase the diversity in store for readers and writers alike.

Sound intrigued? Got some questions? Leave a comment below and head on over to the next part!

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