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A/N This comes from the deepest saddest part of my soul, a place that I visit often, and would rather stay away from.

This is the reason I started this book,

I am the reason you harbour fear towards the dark, I am the very makeup of your terrorous tears, and panic-stricken nightmares, I am everything between apprehension, and fright. I am selfish, and undeserving, I am the biggest burden, with broken memories, and haunted gazes in the holes of the life that I live. I speak to you through all means that I have, but he stays, oh he stays. And so in feverish dreams, a heart wrapped in the scariest outer-lining, loves a boy, with the most damaged heart, and the most horrous mind. And after everything.

You still love me back.



This is not a happy story, if you are looking for a mate story with rainbows, and happy butterflies.

Stay the fuck away.

This is a story not just about werewolves, and mates, but about broken souls, and monsters, and humanity, and sadness, and everything that makes a person's life suck,

is in this book.

Harlow is a fucked up person, she is left with nothing but bitterness, and you must understand, she will not be as welcoming to Louden, as he is to her.

This story begins with a broken girl, and it will end with a broken girl.

You will yell, and scream, you will cry, and sometimes laugh.

This is a story that lives in my brain, that burrows in my heart, that fills up 3/4 parts of my brain, I dream about this story, I live, breath, eat, watch, live, and sleep this story.

This story has filled up my entire being, and it will not leave.

I am proud of this story, because it makes me feel an emotion.




But mostly love,

The love, and commitment Louden shows, is making me tear up right now.

I have never loved anyone.

Personally I love my family, in a family love, and I adore-love my best friends.

But I have never felt an awe consuming, drop to your knees- oh holy shit I love you with all my heart.

I came from a broken family, with sad morels, and an even sadder mind.

I am not perfect.

So please do not hold expectations on my story that it is.

I'm a teenager, who writes-who has filled up her entire existence with writing.

But I am not yet a graduate of highschool, so don't poke at my grammar like an asshole, because let's face it, if you do that for fun, you're an asshole.

I do try to edit.

I do try to have a plot.

I have been working on this for months, so it hopefully is better than my other stories.

This story comes from the part of me that hates myself, the deepest part that wants to seriously throw everything away.

So naturally Harlow loathes herself.

Louden loves Harlow more than life itself.

He couldn't love her more.

She couldn't hate herself more.

They are opposites in every sense of the word.


I love them with all my heart, so please be open minded, and welcoming to their different personalities, and different ways of thinking.

On to other things~

Copyright © 2015 Ryleigh Smith

All Right's Reserved.

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~Thank You


The following is rated PG13 for:

Violence, Language, suggestive content, substance abuse, and some sexual content.


This is a werewolf story, but instead of human mates feeling the same amount of the bond werewolves do, they feel it on a much much, much smaller scale.

Thank you for clicking the add button, I sincerely hope you like this.


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