17 • Kaneshiro's Bank

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7/4 After School

"Hmph. He is utterly hopeless," Queen declares.

"It's always the fools who get tricked! Fools who have to pay for their foolishness. And if those fools don't learn, well they have to suck it up and stay as plain, stupid fools!"

"Will you just shut it already!?" Skull asks.

"I guess there's not much point saying anything to you fools. This is where my glorious lecture ends. Now then, I hope you're ready to work as slaves here for the rest of your lives"

"That's outrageous!" Fox says.

Shadow Kaneshiro snickered. "I'm gonna swarm all over you... and squeeze out every last penny!"

He fell forward and started rubbing his hands together as if he were a fly, black goo falling from his face to the ground. Then two wings sprout from his back.

"H-h-h-h-holy shit!" One of the guys that was standing beside him exclaims. "What the hell!?""

The guys ran past us screaming as Shadow Kaneshiro looks up, his eyes large and insect like.

"I can take care of this myself," he said. "Wassup yo!? Now come get some!"

"You filthy fly on dirty money... get the hell out of my face!" Queen yells, revving the engine of her bike.

"Gyahahaha! Aight, here we go, yeh pieces of shit! Hehehe, being young is such a crime. They're naive, they're reckless, and on top of that, they don't even realize how stupid they are. Now I couldn't just sit back and not cash in on those idiots, right?"

Just as we thought we had finished him off he ran back to the safety of his vault, flying onto a giant mechanical piggy bank. He called it Piggytron.

The legs of the pig retracted and Shadow Kaneshiro stood on top of the pig. He made it roll towards us like a giant boulder, trying to crush us, but we jumped out of the way just in time.

He was going to rush us again, except this time Skull threw an expensive object in front of him, giving us just enough time to defeat him. Piggytron blew up and Shadow Kaneshiro was left on the ground, hugging one of many giant bars of gold.

"I'm not gonna let anyone have it... this is my money..." he said.

"You stole it all from innocent people!" Queen yells.

"Fine. I'll call off the debt"

"Fine? You're still soundin' pretty condescendin'," Skull says.

"You're right... I'm a poor, ugly... idiot... how am I supposed to live a normal life like this? It's all because of our society! Weak people can't lead a happy life, no matter what they do! I'm a victim too, you know!? Yeah, none of this is my fault!"

"The more you talk, the more pathetic you sound," Fox says.

"Don't give us that 'I'm the victim' crap," I groan.

"I just wanted a place where I could belong! You get that, don't you!?" Shadow Kaneshiro asks.

"Bullshit!" Panther yells. "All you did was surround yourself with people you could use, solely for some easy money!"

"And you think you're the only one who's gotta deal with bein' labelled?" Skull asks. "Me and all these other guys, we're all fightin' against that!"

"But don't worry. You'll finally have a place you belong," Queen says. "Somewhere you can make amends, for the rest of your life"

"We're gonna do something about that distorted heart of yours. Free of charge"

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