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     "What d'ya mean this school doesn't have a softball team!?"

     "I'm sorry... I already said, there isn't enough interest."

     Alayna leans over the desk, "Oh really, I'll show you interest!"

     I tap her arm, "Alayna..."

     She looks back at me, "Ash, please tell this lady that there's enough interest in softball to form a team."

     I stare at the two of them, the girl at the front desk is pretty young, and probably new to the job. I look at Alayna. She's a little red and a few pieces of her hair are poking out from braids.

    I probably should side with Alayna, she's my friend, but as absurd as it sounds for a highschool of 2000, the lady is probably right when she says there isn't enough interest in the sport to support a team.

     "Maybe you sign up for baseball instead?" I take Alayna's hand and drag her away from the front desk. The lady at the counter mouths a quiet "thank you" my direction.

     "Ash, I don't know if you know, but softball and baseball are super different."

     "I'm aware, but I know you'll figure it out." I drag her to the baseball station. "Go ahead. Sign up."

     She stares at the paper, "It's all guys."

     "Well, there isn't anything saying you can't sign up for it. Besides, this'll be easier," I laugh a little, "No distractions." I smirk and she turns to kick me.

     "You suck."

     "I know." I smile and nudge her, "Tryouts are in a month, if you sign up now you'll have plenty of time to get used to it.

     Alayna stares at the paper a bit longer before writing her name down.

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