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"Why don't you guys have dates?" I asked all the boys "WELLLLLLLL all the boys were supposed to go as a group but chase gotta girl frienddddddd" Jackson said in a girly voice. I laughed "oh I'm sorry." I said "nah it's all good Payton is my date." I laughed and so did chase and everyone else "yeah and josh is obvi mineeee" Sam and josh booty bumped. We all couldn't stop laughing. Then we had to leave "chase why did you get a limo omgggg"  I felt so bad A G A I NNNNN "because why not babe" when he calls me that he makes my heart flutter.
"Because you didn't have toooo"

"Yess I didddd" he leaned in to kiss me "NOPE AHAH BITCH I HAVE LIPGLOSS ON" I said which made everyone laugh. We got into the limo and the event was about 30 mins away, in the limo we partied and snuck some alcohol in, lol whoopsie. "I'm so tired already" I said Putting my head on chases shoulder "well wake up homecoming doesn't end till late baby" he said then kissed my forehead.

A/n: It's not prom it's homecoming because they're only like 15 or 16 in this lol so pretend that it's always been hoco

Super super shirt chapter but next chapter will be longer anddddd there's plenty of drama in it so be ready lol

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