Vampire Sisters

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Heyyyy ok so this is my first book. My friend and i are writing it. dont mind my bad spelling. but tell me what you think.

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bye the way it has swearing so yea.....

its inspired by all the good vampire books because we love vampires.

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January 20th, 2010 thats when it happened. When my sister and i were turned into vampires. My name is Holly Marie and my sisters name is Clare Marie. We are twins. I am older by 5 minutes, and we were born January 19th 1992 at 7 and 7:05 p.m.

Right now it's midnight January 20, we just had our 18th birthday party. WOHO 18. Ugh im getting old. We are now walking down a dark deserted aly when we suddenly took a wrong turn. It was like one of those wrong place wrong time situations. Right in front of us were 2 bodies drained of blood. They were both female. I stood their so shocked i was frozen in place. While my sister started screaming 2 guys came up behind us, grabbed us by the hair and sunk their fangs into our necks. I was too shocked to fight back and trust me im a fighter, while my sister on the other hand was screaming so hard for 5 seconds until that fucken dick other guy landed a blow to the back of her golden-brown head(p.s. golden-bown is our hair color, with a hint of red).

I was suddenly pre-occupied. The guy behind me his fangs in my neck felt sooooooo good it hurt so much at first but now it just feels just feels sooo goood like like nothing else in the world, him holding me close just makes me want more, like him to just keep going and drinking my blood. Then he picks me up and walks away from the rotting smell of the bodies and sits down with me on his lap, im just thinking i wonder if hes cute.

Then im like no i cant be pre-occupied. after the dick hit her i thought she was dead she suddenly slumped forward and he kept drinking the life out of her. Then i lost all hope of living through this nightmare on hell street. p.s. thats the name of the street Hell Street. What a coincidence. I thought. So I closed my eyes and waited for death or unchonchisness to come... But neither did......................

When they thought we were dead or completely drained- which we werent or at least i wasn't because he missed the most important artery (or vein) that will kill you. And the one with clare threw her in the dumpster and the one who had me was at first carrying me over his shoulder when he got up but then swiched to carrying me like a baby and put me in the dumpster next to my sister and left. I think i heard him whisper "that chick i had was cute... Its too bad..." or maybe it was just my imagination. And then i got a quick glimpse of him.He's HOT. I don't know how im still alive or as alive as i can be but i am, so i curled up against my sisters side and waited to die, thinking "why did they do this to us, I had my whole acting carear ahead of me." Yea im an actress to, go figure. Maybe not a big hollywood movie star but i have modeled and been in a movie before.

2 minutes later I fainted and whispered "thak-you god for this nightmare to finally be over!" Or so I thought!

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