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"Patty!" A cheerful voice erupted from behind me, snapping my head I saw my best friend, andrea.

"Sup" I greeted, my full attention on her, until i spot a familiar bag, and mischief filled my mind "shh, andrea" I whispered, smiling wide.

Sneaking up on the skinny figure, I yanked his ear and his earphones fell out and he turned his glare ice as cold, which soon turned to terror.

"Whats with that look?" I taunted a smirk radiant on my lips, as I swayed my hips, brunette locks pranced around, I pulled him by his hair I humiliated him further by pulling down his trousers in the middle of the hallway in display for everyone to see.

"C'mon Patty" Andreas snickered pulling me to class as I tripped him over.


"I double dog dare you!" Selena squealed her blue eyes lighting up.

"Nuh uh, I aint lettin some dude touch my tush" I shook my head but silently agreeing myself.

Andrea found a place where you get spanked, like literally.

"Cmon it'll be fun, I'll book reservations" Andrea clicked away at her phone, "aaaand set, all payed for! Today at 5!"



Entering the red, poorly light area, I glanced around awkwardly.

I really shouldnt have worn shorts and crop top, I shivered at the cold

"Hello, may I help you?" A voice asked and a female lady smiled at me.

"Ah, hi, I booked a reservation?" I choked out, smiling nervously at her.

"Ah, you must be Patricia Anne Jackson, no need to be shy" her eyes gleamed, " I'll take you to booth 6 for an hour, and dont worry the walls are soundproof, this fella's you're age too, I made sure of it!" she giggled, creeping me out.

People my age work here?

Opening the door she smiled, "have a good time!" And the door slammed shut.

The rose scented fragrance enveloped the room, which was also scarelet red with dimmed lighting, a drawer located in the corner, in the center of the room lay a table, chair and a wheely workstable. My eyes focused on a figure dressed in black with a gas mask on, his body was laid on the wall, awaiting my arrival.

Heat crept on my cheeks, getting spanked by someone my age...! Truth be told I was excited and scared.

He motioned to the table as if telling me to lie down on it, obeying him I stumbled to the table and almost shivered as the cool metal connected with my skin.

A blush erupted on my face, a part of me wanting to leave and another part wanting to get spanked, as if i deserved it.

The boy sighed under his breath and muttered something about, "hormones" as he pulled my shorts down and his hands twitched when it came to my underwear, which I'd hope he'd leave it on, but he didnt.

As he he also yanked down my underwear, I felt the last bits of my dignity being ripped to shreds.

A smooth hand glided against my butt, I swear my face is beet red and all of a sudden a hand slammed down on my ass, I let out a soft moan.

And he stifled a laugh, which worsened my embarrassment more, I mean some people like getting spanked, right?

He gave a deep breath and cooed, "you've been a bad girl, haven't you?".

And for the first time in my life, I, Patricia Anne Jackson, felt like a child.

I nodded, not a word uttering from my mouth, "do you know what happens to bad girls?" He whispered in my ear his breath tickling my ear, "they get spanked," he growled, shaking me hard and whacking me multiple times on my rear end.


At the end of it I was balling my eyes out, my ass stung, my eyes that were glossed with tears glanced at the clock.

Only 15 minutes passed.

The boy sat on the chair and motioned me to follow him and lie down on his lap, I did so sobbing and snorting.

It hurt so bad, but deep down I knew I deserved it.

The boy hummed softly as he rubbed my bottom, which only stung more, "daddys gonna paddle you, okay sweetheart?" He breathed and I nodded.

Grabbing a small paddle, he delivered another couple of whacks and he said, "tell what every bad thing you did".

And so I did, I told him about stealing my dads credit card, bullying that kid from school and sneaking into night clubs and threatening teachers.

I suddenly realised, how disgusting and vile I was.

That certainly earned 30 minutes of none stop spanking and by the end of it, I felt as though my ass was on fire and was pretty sure I wont be able to sit for another week or so.

The boy cooed and whispered "that kid at school is probably feeling much worse aswell as you're dad and those teachers"

But I could hardly hear him I was sobbing too much, he grabbed my ass and I flinched thinking hell spank me but instead he caressed it.

He chuckled, "you're like a bunny ain't ya? Poor wittle bunny" he mocked me and spanked me a few more times, "when you get home apologize to everyone who you hurt, and trust me I will know" he growled sending a last hard smack to my buttocks.

I groaned in pain and nodded, "yes daddy - I mean, sir!" I felt heat creep up to my face.


Walking out the booth the lady who I saw earlier smiled at me, "looks like youve been a bad girl" she laughed and I looked down in embarrassment.

"So how hard did he go on you?" She pulled out lotion and lead me to the girls bathroom, pulling down my shorts and underwear she whistled, "wow, now thats red" adjusting my butt to the mirror I stared horrified at my ass.

The lady how identified herself as Susan rubbed some lotion on my blistered bum, tears pricked my eyes as it stang.

She gave it a gentle whack at which I hissed in pain, and then I proceeded to wobble home.

Opening the door, I went straight to bed but sleeping naked because of the torture my ass went through.


"Dad," I sniffed tears falling out of my eyes, dad stared at me confused and upset.

"Patty, sweetie whats wrong?" He asked, going for a deep hug I held him tightly.

"Dad, im so sorry for being such a stupid daughter" I cried.


"Woah, that's red"

"Was it hot?"

"Was HE hot?"

A blush radiated my cheeks, "yeah, he was, actually..."

"How did he look?"

"I never really saw his face," i murmured.


"Um, Nathan," I squeaked out, the kid visibly flinched, turning around he took out his earphones.

"Y-yes, Patricia?"

"Im so sorry, I know what I did was inexcusable and im not looking to be forgiven for what I did" I grabbed the hem of my skirt, staring at the ground, the room was quiet and i wanted to itch my bottom because of how sore it felt.

"I'll accept you're apology" he finally muttered the breeze from the open classroom window sent a chill down my spine, "on one condition".

"Anything," I breathed out.

He gave a condescending smile.

"bend over for daddy, sweetheart"


I know I know, I deserve a soanking for not updating lol.

But I've been busy~

Anyways comment if you wanna see more of Nathan and Patricia!

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