Part 8

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We were in the car. The butler was driving and Lily and me were patching up our injuries.

"My lady, are you sure you can live in an hotel and not in mine? You can live with me until your mother or someone else takes you back?" Lily suggested.

I shook my head, no.

"But my lady—"

"I'll be fine. Besides, we did a good job at stealing the money. If I have money, then I'll be fine." I reassured her.

She nods, slowly.

We drop Lily off first at her house. We bid our goodbyes and then took off again.

I sigh, deeply.

Lily got hurt because of me. I need to get stronger. For Eve. For a life. For peace.

I sigh, once again. I press the button and the window in front of my opened.

"Hey, butt-ler..." I said in a deep and scary voice.

The butler stops the car and looks behind him. When he fully turns around, he was greeted by a young lady. Her leg on the other and her arms crossed.

 Her leg on the other and her arms crossed

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But what stand out was her red eyes. He wasn't sure if the background was getting darker or his eyes were playing tricks on him.

"Y-yes, my lady?" His voice cracked.

"You now work with me now. I'll pay you more than that old hag. What do you say?" I tilt my head for his answer.

The butler looked older than me. Probably in his 20s? He nods quickly. I smiled, in satisfaction.

"What's your name?" I asked him.

"Romeo Faron, my lady."

I nod, " Nice name."

"Thank you, my lady."

"How old are you?"

"22 years old, my lady."

"As I expected." I nodded again. I bring my hand in front of him for a handshake and he immediately took it.

His hand was firm and warm. I made eye contact with him. 

"This is between us, okay? Tell anyone from my family..."

I firm my hold on his hand and he tenses. I pull him close with my other hand on his collar.

"Better watch your back..." I released his collar and fixed the mess I made.

He makes a confusing face and nods in understanding. I giggle at his face.

"Okay, enough of that. Can you take me to Ewin's Box?" I asked him which in return, he nods.

Romeo was confused at Eve's behavior. Wasn't she stupid? When did she get so scary? Did she pretend to be stupid? He shook his thoughts away and drove to where she wanted to be.

After a few good minutes, the car stop in front of Ewin's Box. I press the button and throw some cash in.

"Thanks for your participation and here's your first salary." I left the car with my stuff and went inside the building.

Romeo was shocked at what she just did. This is 5x more than what he earn!!

I enter the girls lockers and put my stuff in there. I come out with my gym clothes. Black shorts and a white shirt, that exposed my arms and back.

I go out of the girls locker and go into a certain room.

I walk in and was greeted by people.

"Hello boss!"

"Hello boss."

"Good day, boss!"

I nodded in approval.

"Hey, Eve? What brought you here?" A familiar voice echoed. I smiled and turn around quickly, sending a kick towards them.

"Whoa, This is the greeting I get?" He said as his big hands were on my ankle.

I look at him with a smile.

"You still got them." I said as I put my leg down and walk in front of him.

"What can I say? I'm Nick." He winked at me. I rolled my eyes and laughed happily.

Nick here, was supposed to be the boss of this building but...

He ran away! And I had to take over in his place. Sigh, What a pain...

"So...what are you doing here? I saw you...walking in with a lot of stuff? What's going on, Eve?" He puts his hands in his pockets, eyeing me suspiciously.


I think this is good...right? Yeah, we'll stop here.

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