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I sighed with relief as I finished another shift. If I am honest I hated working at the hotel because one we had to wear skimpy uniforms that were 'professional' but in honesty they were there to attract the most perverted and predatory of men back. It was simply business at our expense. I was glad to be leaving soon just in time for university.

I walked in the dimly lit streets, I lived not far from the hotel. My best friend Gemma shared a flat with me as we were both left the system. I was going to make a name for myself and not a forgotten kid. Being seventeen I was ready to start the next chapter of my life in law school. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a shriek of a woman screaming down a alleyway. I rushed to the scene and saw none other than Gemma being pinned down. I froze with shock as two older looking men stood over her. I screamed and ran towards Gemma; completely disregarding my own safety. I started scratching and fighting one of the guys. He was a short and stubby man who was bold and clean shaven. He was about my height of five feet six and with a lot of back and forth he gripped my hair and threw me on the floor.

I started to slowly drift in and out of consciousness as he stood over me. I could hear the faint screams of Gemma but I lay there helpless and in agony from the impact. A few moments later they both just up and left us for death as I felt Gemma crying as she ran to my side. She was bloody and her clothes were torn but she lifted me off the ground and held me on to her chest as she took my phone out of my pocket and call the police.

After a while of both of us in shock and silence we saw police and ambulance pull up as they rushed to us saying inaudible words. I finally couldn't take the resistance and I drifted into deep sleep. My body went limp and I slumped onto Gemma.

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