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Cadell didn't need the voice's chilling warnings to throw himself off the building. The vigilante plummeted downwards, his mind steaming with thoughts despite the concrete waiting for him.

This must be MI0. Elijah mentioned this would happen but, I didn't think they would actually come. It doesn't matter. They can chase me all over the damn city for all I care. With the portal ability, they can never touch me.

Elijah's voice roared out of Cadell's earpiece. "Whatever you do, don't go back to the Dome!"

Cadell's eyes widened as a horrendous thought dawned upon him. There could only be one reason Elijah would say that.

The chilly wind rippled the vigilante's mask as he turned his head. Please don't be there, please don't be there, please don't beAwww man!

Gliding in the air, at the forefront of a crimson sky backdrop, was a squadron of MI0 agents. Their navy-blue combat uniforms now had extended wing-shaped mechanisms, which Cadell found kinda cool. Maybe even cooler if they weren't planning on, you know, killing him. He had only glanced at them for a short while, but they seemed to bore their eyes into his as if there wasn't a mask between them. They wanted him bad. Really bad.

Cadell fell through a portal and momentum chucked him downwards onto the same rooftop as before. He staggered forwards, instantly turning to face his newfound enemies.

Yet again, the MI0 agents spread out into an arc formation around him. Their fists raised into a fighting stance.

"Listen, Cad," Elijah hastily whispered. "They've been watching us from the beginning. Don't fight them; you can't fight for shit. Just run. You have three portals left. That's three attempts to get back here without bringing the enemy. Use your agility to outmanoeuvre them and then—"

"Mr Walker." The blood-crying demon said. She waved as if they were old friends. "I must say, it's an honour to meet the cold-blooded serial killer in person."

Cadell clenched his fists to avoid his hands from shaking. "Oh, stop! You're making me blush, lady. I'm not used to so much attention."

This woman's slight smile vanished. "You disgust me. A demon playing vigilante? Don't be stupid. From the day you were born, you were destined to be evil and as terrible as that sounds, you must accept it. Let us help you, Mr Walker. We can beautifully bless you with top-quality torture completely free of charge. We can arrange for you an agonizing death, 100% guaranteed. What do you say?"

They both knew she was being serious.

Cadell somewhat considered it. "Tempting, but no. There are killers in this city, lady, and I have to stop them. It's something I like to call cleansing. Hey, can I borrow those gliding things? Permanently?"

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